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Crafting Scanner Interface

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  • Crafting Scanner Interface is a bracelet that is obtained within the Witches of Dathomir Theme Park on Dathomir.

    The player may purchase the schematic for this bracelet from either the Nightsister Vendor or the Singing Mountain Clan Vendor using the currency of the Theme Park.

    When crafted, this bracelet can be worn on the left hand to slightly improve the odds of receiving an Amazing Success during the experimentation phase of crafting.

    In order to obtain the maximum bonus of +3, the crafter must use the optional component, Allya's Holocron, and high-quality resources to be able to reach 100% when experimenting on the bracelet. The quality of the Electronics GP Modules and Electronics Memory Module do NOT matter.

    The schematic is one-time use, but may be bought again from the vendors.

    Schematic Information​

    ObtainedSold by either the Nightsister Vendor or Singing Mountain Clan Vendor
    Item typeBracelet
    Crafting toolWeapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting Tool
    Crafting stationWeapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting Station
    NotesLimited, 1 use

    Assembly Information​

    • 10 Steel
    • 20 Desh Copper
    • 25 Polymer
    • 2 identical Electronics GP Module (Quality doesn't matter)
    • 1 Electronics Memory Module (Quality doesn't matter)
    • (Optional) 1 Allya's Holocron
    ExperimentationCrafting Enhancement
    • Amazing Success Bonus Chance
      • Overall quality: 100%