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Crimson Phoenix Squadron

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  • This page is a work-in-progress guide to the Rebel Crimson Phoenix Squadron.

    Crimson Phoenix Squadron​

    Tier 1: Commander Da'la Socuna, Mos Espa, Tatooine (-3000, 2202)​

    She has 4 missions for you. You need complete them all before she'll start to train you.

    Mission 1: Launch into space and follow the patrol waypoints. You will be "surprised" by 3 TIE fighters. Destroy them & return to Commander Socuna.

    Mission 2: Launch into space. Find and destroy 4 TIE Fighters. Other types of TIE do not count, so be careful. Some of the closer waypoints are in the midst of large groups of TIE variants, which do not count and may get you overwhelmed if this is you are not over-geared. Return to Commander Socuna.

    Mission 3: Launch into space. Follow the patrol waypoints until you get an update to meet a refugee transport. Meet it at the WP, then escort it. You may complete the escort without being attacked. Return to Commander Socuna.

    Mission 4: Launch into space. Wait for the waypoint to update, then proceed to destroy the TIE commander (Tier 2) and his 3 Tier 1 TIE escorts. Return to Commander Socuna.

    She is finally ready to train you. You receive Alliance Techonology A without expending experience points. If you have 7500 or more XP (you were capped to 10,000 to this point), she will immediately train the next box as well; otherwise, go get some XP. Once you have earned enough XP to train the remaining Tier 1 boxes, she'll send you to your next commander.

    Tier 2: Major Eker, Labor Outpost, Yavin IV (-6966, -5658)​

    Major Eker will only have Duty missions for you, until you get enough experience to train Alliance Technology B (60,000 XP; you will also be capped at 60,000 XP until you train this box). Once you train that, he will give you your first mission.

    Mission 1: Launch into Yavin Space. Proceed to the waypoint to rendezvous with a YT-1300, then escort it to its jump point. You will likely be ambushed by 1 wave to tier 2 TIE fighters. Your flight path may also take you near a regular spawn of Tier 3 TIES & TIE variants. Once the freighter jumps away, the mission is complete.

    Mission 2: Eker won't give you this mission until you earn enough xp and train Equipment B.
    Launch into Yavin space. Travel to the waypoint, where you should find an Imperial Lamda-class shuttle that is neutral. Inspect it, then disable it, then dock. Mission accomplished. Return to Eker.

    Mission 3: Eker won't give you this mission until you earn enough xp and train Alliance Training B.
    Launch into space and travel to Lok (Lurid Dawn hyperspace waypoint should be close). Move toward the waypoint & inspect the Imperial Lambda shuttle you find nearby. IT'S A TRAP! Destroy the 3 Tier 3 TIE Interceptors that spawn (you will likely also have to contend with the 3 TIEs that are escorting the Lambda, but they aren't required for the mission). Mission complete, return to Eker.

    Mission 4: Eker won't give you this mission until you earn enough xp and train Astromech Management B.
    Launch into space. Travel to Lok, Lurid Dawn. Meet Nym's Smuggler at the waypoint. Escort him until he hypers out. You may have to fight 3 Tier 2 TIE Interceptors (though if they spawn just before the smuggler hypers away, they may also hyper away). Mission complete, return to Eker.

    Eker should now send you to Arnecio Ulvaw'op at Science Outpost, Dathomir.

    Tier 3: Arnecio Ulvaw'op, Science Outpost, Dathomir (-115, -1580)​

    Ulvaw'op will start you on missions right away. He'll train you in a new box after each of the four missions.

    Mission 1: This is a 4 part mission.

    Part 1: Launch into Dathomir Space. Wait for the waypoint to update. Proceed to disable the shuttle. Handle the escorts as needed. Once the shuttle is disable, get into its blind spot and wait for the droid to take over. Escort the shuttle; you will be attacked by 3 Tier 3 TIEs. Defend the shuttle until it hypers out.

    Part 2: You will get a waypoint to "deliver" Imperial codes. Fly there & dock with the Lambda shuttle that hypers in to meet you. After that, you'll get a new waypoint to meet a Tier 3 Rebel gunboat. Dock with it. You will be under attack by waves of 3 Tier 3 TIES. Best to dock early and minimize the number or waves.

    Part 3: This is a defend a waypoint mission. You'll need to stay close the waypoint, and defend against waves of Tier 3 enemies. Wave 1 is 3 TIES, Wave 2 is 3 TIE Interceptors, Wave 3 is 2 Interceptors & 1 TIE Bomber. Make sure none are following you (destroy or disable) before proceeding to part 4.

    Part 4: You will get a new waypoint; once there you'll be tasked with escorting a Rebel Lambda shuttle. Expect a wave of 4 Tier 3 TIES. Once the shuttle hypers away, you're done. Return to your officer.

    Mission 2: This is a 4 part mission.

    Part 1: Launch to Dathomir space. Proceed to one of the provided waypoints. You will be inspecting Rebel fighters at the location until you find one containing bombs. The ships you are looking for will say (SUSPECT) at the end of their name. Disable that ship, dock with it.

    Part 2: Survive the ambush. Once you complete part 1, 3 Tier 3 TIE Interceptors will ambush you. Destory them.

    Part 3: Hyperspace travel to Dantooine, Isryn's Veil. You should receive target information for an Imperial Inquistor onboard a Tier 3 Lambda Class shuttle. They'll have an escort of 3 Tier 3 TIE Interceptors. Destroy the targets.

    Part 4: You will get an updated waypoint to meet with a B-wing. Fly there and help them deal with attacking Tier 3 Imperials: 2x TIE Interceptors and 4x TIEs. This will complete the mission, and you can return to your commander.

    Mission 3: This is a 4 part mission.

    Part 1: Launch into space, then hyperspace to Lok, Lurid Dawn. Once there, start heading to the waypoint to meet Nym's Smuggler. Once he arrives, dock to collect the information. Then you will hyperspace back to Dathomir, Dark Force, where you will receive a waypoint to pass on the data. Expect to be attacked along the way by Tier 3s. The first wave is 2x TIEs & 1x TIE Interceptor. The second wave was 3x TIES. The sooner you can dock with the YT-1300 Smuggler Light Transport to transfer the data, the better. Once the data is delivered, mop up any ambushing fighters.

    Part 2: You will get a new waypoint as soon as the data is delivered in Part 1. You need to go there, meet up with your allies & fight off Imperial ships. There will be 2x Lambda SHuttles & 6x TIES, all Tier 3.

    Part 3: New Waypoint, go there & escort a YT-1300. Expect waves of 3 Tier 3 TIEs (or variants). Once the transport hypers away, so will the baddies.

    Part 4: This is a defend a point in space mission. You will get waves of 3 Tier 3 Imperial fighters. Expect to have 4 waves before the timer completes if you are good at staying near the waypoint. Imperial waves may include 3x TIEs, or 2x TIES & 1x TIE Interceptor, or 2x TIEs and 1x TIE Bomber. Once the stage is complete, return to your commander for training in Alliance Training C.

    Mission 4: This is a 5 Part mission.

    Part 1: Launch into space and hyper to Endor, Area D-435. You need to destroy an Imperial Hero in a Tier 4 TIE Advanced, and his Tier 3 escorts: 2x TIE Interceptor & 3x TIEs.

    Part 2: Follow the waypoints to "scan" the Endor system.

    Part 3: Destroy the 3x Tier 3 TIE Advanced fighters that you encounter from the patrol. Beware that this spawn point may be in the middle of several Tier 4 Imperial spawns, so you can get non-mission adds.

    Part 4: Deliver the "scan" results by rendevousing with a Rebel Smuggler in a T3 YT-1300. Be prepared to be attacked by Tier 3 Imperials: 2x TIEs and 1x TIE Interceptors (this may vary somewhat, as there these spawn in waves & there seem to be several options for what makes one wave).

    Part 5: This part is assist allies in a battle (be aware that most of these are bugged, and your allies will sit dead in space unless first hit by enemy fire, which you can arrange by positioning). Expect a Tier 3 Imperial force consisting of 6x TIEs and 1 x TIE Agressor. Then you may return to your commander for training in Astromech Management C. Then head to the Rebel Outpost on Rori to begin your Tier 4 missions.

    Tier 4: General Ufwol, Rebel Outpost, Rori (3690 -6464)​

    Tier 5: Admiral Wilhelm Burke, Doaba Guerfel, Corellia (3083, 5202)​

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