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  • Cybernetics are a special type of equipment that replace body parts. Cybernetic parts may grant protections, skill mods, or special abilities. However, armor and clothing cannot be worn on top of a body part replaced by cybernetics. Cybernetics can also be installed as appearance only.

    Cybernetic Specialists​

    Cybernetic specialists are an NPC that can install or remove a cybernetic part for a fee of 5000 credits. They will be located on the second floor of their respective Medical Centers. Installing or removing cybernetics requires that the player first unequip their appearance items.

    Aboo AramflahadCoronetCorellia-116 -4440
    Aboo AramflahadMos EnthaTatooine1296 3289
    Mindt F'abulTheedNaboo-4997 4145

    List of Cybernetics​