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  • Cybernetics are a special type of equipment that replace body parts. Cybernetic parts may grant protections, Skill Mods, or special abilities. However, armor and clothing cannot be worn on top of a body part replaced by cybernetics. Cybernetics can also be installed as appearance only.

    Cybernetic Specialists​

    Cybernetic specialists are an NPC that can install or remove a cybernetic part for a fee of 5000 credits. They will be located on the second floor of their respective Medical Centers.

    Aboo AramflahadCoronetCorellia-116 -4440
    Doctor NssktkslisMos EnthaTatooine1296 3289
    Mindt F'abulTheedNaboo-4997 4145

    List of Cybernetics​

    NameArmProtectionStat ModifiersSpecialSource
    Anakin Skywalker Replica Cybernetic ForearmRightKinetic: 4630
    Energy: 2630
    Elemental: 3630
    --Disable the Droid Factory
    Cybernetic Deconstruction ArmRight0Opportune Chance: 110
    Reverse Engineering Chance: 5
    -High Quality Resource Collection
    Critical SnipeRight4800Ranged Weapon Distance: +10
    Ranged Accuracy: -10
    /cyborgCriticalSnipe redirects power form your cybernetic enhancement to a ranged weapon in order to deliver a lethal blast to your enemy.The Search Begins
    LightningRight4800-/cyborgLightning will overload your cybernetic to deliver a massive electrical shock to a nearby opponent.

    Effect: Chance on hit to do additional electrical damage to the target. (Melee only)
    N-K Necrosis
    ThrowingRight5700Throw Range: +20
    Ranged Accuracy: -5
    Melee Accuracy: -5
    -Treun Lorn
    ReviveLeft4800Healing Efficiency: +15
    Ranged Accuracy: -10
    Melee Accuracy: -10
    /cyborgRevive will utilize your cybernetic enhancement to revive a dead ally. You must be out of combat to use this ability.Queen's Healing Touch
    StrengthLeft4800Melee Defense: -10
    Melee Accuracy: +5
    /cyborgStrengthBuff overloads your cybernetic enhancement to temporarily increase your ability to inflict melee weapon damage as well as increasing your stamina.The Lost
    Sure ShotLeft4800Ranged Weapon Distance: +5
    Ranged Accuracy: +5
    Melee Defense: -10
    Melee Accuracy: -10
    /cyborgSureShot redirects power from your cybernetic enhancement to your ranged weapon to deliver a precise shot.The Great Hunter