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Death Watch Bunker

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  • This armor is not a toy. This way of life is no joke. Being Mandalorian is the deepest of commitments, the greatest of sacrifices. It will break you, make no mistake. But you will be better for it. You will emerge stronger than you ever were in your previous life, so long as you remain true to your brothers, true to your Mand'alor, and true to yourself. ―Mandalorian drill sergeant to aruetii troops before they swear loyalty to the Mandalorian way of life.

    Death Watch Bunker​

    /way Endor -4674 4331 DWB;
    (Closest to Smuggler Outpost)



    Death Watch Bunker is a self-contained dungeon on Endor that is the only location that drops rare components used for crafting Mandalorian armour as well as the locations used to craft Mandalorian Armor. Jetpacks are also crafted within this dungeon.

    Binary Liquid and Protective Liquid Coating are two Death Watch mob dropped components that are required for crafting Mandalorian armor (including respective dropped BH piece and Alum Mineral). The objective of farmers within Death Watch Bunker is finding a suitable area to farm Death Watch named mobs until these components drop.

    Other notable reasons to visit Death Watch Bunker:
    • Rebreather Crafting
    • Foreman Japer's Alum Mineral Quest
    • Killing the Overlord for the "Bane of the Overlord" badge under Collections
    • Red Hydra Z-5 pistol in Foreman Japer's room in the Mines for Rare Pistol Weapons Mark III
    • Black Sun Executioner's Axe in the Medical Droid Room for Rare Melee Weapons Mark II
    • Mara Jade for the Imperial Theme Park quest, she is in the top side room overlooking the shuttle bay large room of Section B door


    In order to enter Death Watch Bunker, you must complete enough of Jabba's Palace to speak with Boba Fett in Jabba's Throne room. After speaking with Boba, he will give you access to the dungeon.

    (Note SMUGGLER ALLIANCE PILOTS: You can also gain access to Jabba's Throne Room by talking to the Tatooine Space Station and finishing Lady Valerian's mission. Because of the bug created by Update 8, you MUST complete her mission BEFORE you take the "Kill the Imperial Ace" mission.)

    If you are Imperial, you can also get access to Death Watch Bunker by speaking with Commander D'Krn in Bestine, Tatooine (-1160 -3525). He will give you a mission mentioning another Overlord that is possible to kill at the very bottom level of Death Watch Bunker.

    NOTE: Only one person within your group will need to have this access portion done as they will be able to let everyone into DWB.


    Rebreather Crafting:

    This isn't so much as a quest as it just required Alum Gel Packets, a non-(Enhanced)-Rebreather, and a crafter that has Artisan (Engineer 2 - 2xxx). When you enter the Rebreather crafting room after clearing the mobs, you'll go to the stations and select the filter console > modify the filter > craft the rebreather and you will received an (Enhanced) Rebreather

    (Enhanced) Rebreathers are a requirement for going into the Mine - if you do not have a rebreather, you will periodically take 3000 damage while navigating the mine.

    Clear Toxic Gas Quest:

    You will notice in the rebreather room that there is a NPC who will give you a quest to keep a droid alive while over 10 Death Watch attack you while following the droid. If you complete this mission, the mine will be clear of toxic fumes for an hour.

    Alum Mineral Quest:

    This quest begins in the mine finding Foreman Japer (noted in the map).

    NOTE: It is severely important that you do these steps one at a time per person especially in a large group as attempting to do multiple Haldos or portions together may bug out the quest into an unrecoverable position where you will need to /bug request for support.

    You can do multiple medical droids or battery cleanings at the same time without issue.

    • After speaking with Japer, he will request you find his colleague named Haldo (use /tar Haldo to find this npc easier) who is suffering from a sickness in the mine
      • After navigating to Haldo, you will need to attack him until he becomes passive (do not use DoTs as they may bug out Haldo) and you will be able to talk to him. You are given two choices, to either kill Haldo or save him with medicine
      • If you choose the medicine option, you will need to go up to the medical droid by Sec A door and get the medicine for Haldo to bring back WITHIN the same DWB session.
      • If you choose to kill Haldo, he will drop a dirty battery that will allow you to continue the quest line
    • After receiving the dirty battery, go back to Japer and he will request for you to clean the battery by going up to workshop droid by Sec A door. After speaking to this droid, you'll note the battery is cleaned.
    • After you return back to Japer with the clean battery, Japer will then request that you fix some valves in the room across the way of the top of the ramps room. Once you get to the valves room, you will note there are four consoles on each wall, you will need to keep hitting these consoles until all four lights on the floor turn GREEN. When this is accomplished, you will hear a water noise signifying it has been completed.
    • After you return to Japer, you will received your first Alum Mineral.
    Note: After you complete the Alum Mineral quest for that toon, you will be able to get another Alum Mineral indefinitely every 72 hours (three days) by returning to Japer.

    Mandalorian Armor Crafting:

    Items required for Mandalorian Armor Craft:
    1 Binary Liquid
    1 Protective Liquid Coating
    1 Alum Mineral
    1 Looted Bounty Hunter Armor piece for respective piece in crafting (i.e. Mando Helmet = BH helmet)

    Items required for Jetpack Armor Craft:
    1 Jetpack Base (Jetpack Bases are dropped from Black Sun mobs in the wild on Yavin IV, Endor, and Dathomir)
    1 Jetpack Stabilizer
    1 Ducted Fan
    1 Dispersion Unit
    1 Fuel Injector
    1 Alum Mineral

    Droid Engineer Room (Master required for access)
    • Mandalorian armor Helmet
    • Mandalorian armor Bracers
    • Jetpack
    Armorsmith Room (Master Required for access)
    • Mandalorian armor Chestplate
    • Mandalorian armor Biceps
    • Mandalorian armor Boots
    Tailor Room (Master Required for access)
    • Mandalorian armor Leggings
    • Mandalorian armor Gloves
    • Mandalorian armor Belt
    In order to craft the items in their respective rooms, you will need the mastery of that craft in order to craft in that room. Once you arrive inside the room and with the items in your inventory, you will need to drag all of the required items to the correct crafting droid (Jetpack to jetpack crafting droid and Mandalorian required items for Mandalorian crafting droid) and then follow the prompts for the engineering consoles until you either get the jetpack deed or Mandalorian schematic.

    After the craft in complete, it will throw the entire group out back to the entrance of the dungeon.


    Death Watch Bunker is separated by three main portion:

    Section A (Rageon Vart key holder)
    Section B (Klin Nif key holder)
    Mine (Fenri Dlaso key holder)

    In order to continue past each door, you must hit the security panel which will eventually spawn the above respective key holders - then whoever received the key via loot will need to hit the panel again for the door to open. NOTE: Group must be within 30m of the door in order for it to open for them.

    Security resets after 10 minutes.


    • Black Sun Henchmen
    • Black Sun Guards
    • Black Sun Assassins
    • Battle Droids
    • Super Battle Droids
    • Death Watch Bloodguards
    • Death Watch Ghosts
    • Death Watch Wraiths
    • Death Watch Overlord
    • Rageon Vart
    • Klin Nif
    • Fenri Dalso
    • Miners
    • Scientists
    • Mine Rats


    • Looted from any NPC (Including Death Watch NPCs):
      • DE-10 Pistol schematic
      • Executioner Hack schematic
      • Alum Mine Gel Packet
      • Rebreather
      • Data Storage Unit
    • Loot from Death Watch NPCs Only (Wraiths, Ghosts, Bloodguards)
      • Mandalorian Wine (Schematic)
      • DE-10 Pistol Barrel
      • Mandalorian armor components
        • Binary Liquid
        • Protective Liquid Coating
    • Looted from chest and coal bins:
      • Data Storage Units
      • Art Crate
      • DE-10 Pistol schematic
      • Executioner Hack schematic
      • Jetpack components
        • Fuel dispersion unit
        • DuctedFan
        • Injector Tank
      • Alum Gel Pack
      • Rebreather
    • Looted from Mine Rats
      • DNA Storage Device (Barbed Quenker)
      • 89%+ Isomeres

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