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Enabling Discord Overlay

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  • Enabling Discord Overlay​

    Follow below steps to configure Discord to give you access to your favorite official R3 or guild Discord without leaving SWG Restoration III.

    Setup Discord​

    Your current setup may already be partially or fully configured to enable Discord Overlay. The steps below may look different for you. As Discord continues to update its desktop client, this may also change the way the Overlay is configured.

    Open Discord​

    Go to your Discord Desktop client and open 'settings'.


    Enable Overlay​

    Enable Discord's Overlay feature if it isn't already.
    1. Go to 'Game Overlay' settings
    2. Enable in-game overlay if it isn't enabled already
    3. Set the key combination to toggle overlay on and off - and remember it!


    Enable Game Overlay for SWG Restoration III​

    1. Go to 'Activity Status' settings
    2. If Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III is not already setup, go ahead and 'Add it!'
    3. Add & select SWG Restoration III (or similar) from drop down


    Toggle Overlay for SWG Restoration III​

    1. Click on 'OVERLAY: OFF' to enable Discord Overlay if not already enabled
    2. Optionally, enable 'Display current activity' if you wish (not required)


    Toggle Overlay to Configure​

    • Go back into SWG Restoration III and press the Discord Overlay Toggle key combination you defined earlier
    • Select the discord channel you'd like to see in-game and press the 'Pin'


    Position the Overlay​

    • In this example, we moved the discord chat to the top-left corner in-game
    • You can adjust the opacity/transparency of the overlay by pressing the opacity button


    Play the Game​

    Once you've completed the setup of the overlay and positioned the window as it works best for you, press the discord toggle key combination again and enjoy discord overlay in SWG Restoration III.

    Toggle the overlay​

    The overlay will display new message as they arrive. To send a message, press the discord overlay toggle key combination and enter your message. Once done, press the toggle key again.


    For more information on the Discord Overlay, how to configure it for Voice Chat, etc. please use Google.