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Downed Imperial Transport

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  • This quest is part of the Imperial Theme Park questline.

    Previous Quest: << Rebel Starships

    Level: 88
    An Imperial transport was shot down on Rori. Investigate.

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Investigate the Transport​

    Investigate an Imperial transport that was shot down on Rori.
    • You are given a waypoint to a downed transport located in the middle of Rori. You are given two tasks to complete at the downed transport:
      • Recover the Flight Transponder
      • Recover the Mission Data
    • There are MANY CL85 Rebel scouts

    Rescue the Flight Transponder​

    Recover the flight transponder.
    • To complete this task, you just need to locate and click on the starship transponder
    /way rori -3 2019 Starship Transponder;

    Recover the Mission Data​

    Recover the mission data from the Imperial operatives that were on the transport.
    • To complete this task, you just need to locate and click on the datapad
    /way rori -7 1998 Datapad;

    Once both of the tasks are complete, your quest will update.

    Complete the Mission​

    Complete the mission that was interrupted when the transport was shown down.
    • You are given a new waypoint to Major Geg Winthazen in Narmle, Rori. You are given two tasks to complete:
      • Delivery to Major Geg Winthazen
      • Delivery from Seldair Keeloo

    Delivery to Major Geg Winthazen​

    Deliver the recovered Ballistics report to Major Geg Winthazen.
    • Speak to Major Geg Winthazen to complete this task
    Major Geg Winthazen: Oh, such bad news that the transport was destroyed. But the Empire must go on. Here, please take this ballistics report to Captain Thrawn.

    Delivery from Seldair Keeloo​

    Retrieve a prototype rocket from Seldair Keeloo. The meeting location with Seldair was not mentioned in the mission data, but it is known that he will be in Narmle.
    • Seldair Keeloo is also located in Narmle on Rori
    /way rori -5131 -2269 Seldair Keeloo;
    • Speak to Seldair Keeloo to update this task
    Seldair Keeloo: Before you even ask, the prototype was stolen. You will have to recover it from the thieves before you can fence it. They let slip their hideout is somewhere outside of Narmle.

    Recover the Prototype Rocket​

    Get the prototype rocket back from the thieves who stole it. One of the thieves will be carrying it. All Seldair knew was that they have a hideout somewhere outside of Narmle.
    • You can find the bunker a short drive outside of Narmle.
    /way rori -5491 -2520 Bunker;
    • You will need to kill techno-thieves until they drop the prototype rocket. Once it drops, this task will be completed
      • They are CL86
    Once both of the tasks are complete, your quest will update.

    Now Destroy the Rebel Commandos​

    Now we send a message to those who would attack an Imperial ship. The squad of Rebel Commandos who shot down the transport have been located. Eliminate them!
    • You will be given a waypoint to a squad of Rebel commandos. You need to kill nine of them and the quest will update
      • They are CL84

    Return to Captain Thrawn​

    Return to Captain Thrawn at the Emperor's Retreat.
    • Head back to the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo and speak to Captain Thrawn.
    Captain Thrawn: Well done. I do not impress easily. I don't expect the Rebels to think twice before shooting down another transport, but I will make sure they pay dearly whenever they do. Colonel Veers feels the same. You should speak with him.

    This completes the quest. Speak to Colonel Veers, right next to Captain Thrawn to get the next quest.


    Colonel Veers: I have a mission for you. Infiltrate a Rebel base on Talus for information about the Rebel destruction of the Death Star.
    You: Yes sir.
    Colonel Veers: The Rebels will pay for the loss of so many Imperial lives.