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Eliminate the Mutant Rancors

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Eliminate the Mutant Rancors is a repeatable quest given by Rubina. You need to complete this quest 5 times for the collection.

    Level: 85
    Travel to the location provided. Wipe out the mutant rancors and bring back their teeth!

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Kill Mutant Rancors​

    A disease or poison has spread through this valley causing the rancors in the area to mutate. Mutated rancors no longer respond to the witches and as such are considered an abomination and a threat to witches' way of life. Search the general area to find and kill mutant rancors. Return to Rubina with teeth from the mutant rancors.
    • Travel to the waypoint provided
    • Upon arrival, you will see mutant rancors wandering around. You will need to kill mutant rancors, until you have five rancor teeth. They will NOT always drop them
      • Mutant rancors are CL 89 elites with special buffs:
        • Mutated Skin: Reduce damage taken by 5%/10%/15% - can be up to 3 stacks
        • Unnatural Strength: Damage output modified by 15%/30% - can be up to 2 stacks
        • Razor Claws: Increase chance to bypass part of your opponents armor by 15%/30% and Possible amount of armor bypassed on a strikethrough attack is modified by 20%/40% - can be up to 2 stacks
      • Because of these buffs, they are a tough fight
    • After getting all of the mutant rancor teeth, the quest updates

    Return to Rubina​

    Return to Rubina with the mutant rancor teeth.
    • Make your way back to Rubina at the waypoint provided. After you arrive, the quest updates again

    Use one of the Storage Baskets​

    Use the storage basket of the clan with whom you wish to improve your standing.
    • You are given the choice to store the mutant rancor teeth in the Nightsister Storage Basket or the Singing Mountain Storage Basket
      • The choice reflects which faction you wish to support
    • After storing the mutant rancor teeth in a either storage basket, the quest updates for a final time

    Talk to Rubina​

    You have stored the mutant rancor teeth in the Singing Mountain Clan/Nightsisters basket. Talk to Rubina again to finish this task.
    • Speak to Rubina again

    Singing Mountain Clan - Rubina: You are contributing the gifts you have gathered to the Singing Mountain Clan?
    You: Yes, each one is proof that I will never concede to evil.

    Nightsisters - Rubina: So you have decided to contribute the trophies from your carnage to the Nightsisters?
    You: Yes, I hope they can still feel the pain and fear held in each piece.

    Rubina: Indeed. My thanks for your efforts, Dearie.

    • One of these items:
      • Miniature Malkloc Replica
      • Miniature Shear Mite Replica
      • Reptilian Flyer Model
    • Progress towards the Mutant Rancor Hunter Collection
    Speak with Rubina again to receive another one of her quests.