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The Galactic Moon Festival 2023

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  • The Galactic Moon Festival

    In an effort to gain more support from the planets Naboo and Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt has decided to throw the annual Galactic Moon Festival so everyone can celebrate the horrifyingly awesome haunts of the season. Jabba has grown tired of all the love festivals, celebrations of life, and other saccharine events. Thus, it is my duty to report to you that he has taken it upon himself to throw the scariest festival of the year! Jabba has sent me, Aponte, to give you a quick preview of some of the great things he has planned for the big celebration. In order to participate in what is sure to be the "ghoulest" happening this year, all citizens have to do is visit the Galactic Moon Festival Organizers that can be found outside of the Moenia and Mos Eisley starports.



    To participate in the Galactic Moon Festival Activities, travel to Mos Eisley or Moenia and find the Galactic Moon Festival Organizer - Z'ozpheratu!
    /way Tatooine 3523 -4806 GMF;
    /way Naboo 4790 -4777 GMF;

    Trick or Treat

    Talk to Z'ozpheratu and choose the option "I'd like a costume!" to receive random costume and a Trick or Treat Projector I(it will be needed later). Pick "How do i trick or treat?" if you are unfamiliar with the event, but i'll go over it in this section.
    He will give you one of these costumes:
    • Droideka
    • A Hutt (slowest costume)
    • Kowakian Monkey-Lizard
    • Toydarian
    • Jawa
    If you already have a costume(s) in your abilities (";" button by default, then "Costumes" tab), it is possible to use them instead, this allows bypass Z'ozpheratu conversation and random costume he will give you (but still talk to him for the first time to receive the Projector!).
    However, it will require Holoshroud to use which can be purchased from Z'ozpheratu for 900 credits.

    Simply approach the "Costumed Festival Celebrant" or any other NPC, IMPORTANT: and place the cursor on them, now type in the chat "trick or treat".

    If the Celebrant likes the costume, they will say something like: "I love it! Here are some Galactic Moon Festival coins!"

    If you fail to scare them, they will mock and diminish you (rightfully so!). But dont worry, place your Trick or Treat Projector on the toolbar then press the corresponding button on your keyboard, use arrow keys to choose the trick(doesn't matter which you pick) and press Enter.

    Tips and Tricks

    By using the Trick or Treat projector it is possible to receive bonus coins which DO NOT count towards daily limit(600 coins).
    Better projectors have increased chance to scare NPCs and receive bonus coins for doing so.

    Purchase Ponda Baba's Arm from Z'ozpheratu, this item will increase the chance of receiving bonus coins while trick or treating.

    Keep in mind that your cursor/reticle must always remain on the NPC for this to work.

    I recommend investing in Trick or Treat Projectors to receive more coins per run. They have higher chance to scare stingy NPCs.

    Trick or Treat Projector III will remain forever in your inventory and can be used as a decoration.

    You can trick or treat commoners, GCW NPCs, Neutral(
    Yellow names) and named NPCs.

    Create a macro to make the whole process easier, place it on your toolbar along with the Trick or Treat Projector:

    Macro name: Scary
    Macro icon: Yoda
    /whisper trick or treat;
    Please use whisper in your macro to reduce the spam that might appear in the chat, this makes it easier for other players to communicate.

    The Dead Speak


    Help the restless souls find their peace!

    The Dead Speak is a Restoration server custom questline that can be completed during the Galactic Moon Festival.
    To start the quest, travel to Naboo, Moenia and purchase a Dusty Scroll from Z'ozpheratu, the Event Organizer.
    /way Naboo 4790 -4778 Z'ozpheratu;

    For more information and a walkthrough, use The Dead Speak quest page.

    Badges and Titles

    Badges and Titles available during the event.
    • Galactic Moon Festival: Swamp Spiritualist -Has searched the swamps of Moenia for the restless souls

      who didn't dare depart this world without their beloved possessions.
      Comes with a "Swamp Spiritualist" title.
      • How to obtain:
        Complete The Dead Speak questline.


    The main currency of this event is Galactic Moon Festival Coins.
    Each day it is possible to receive up to 1200 GMF Coins by Trick or Treating!
    These coins can be used to purchase spooky goods from Z'ozpheratu.

    Vendor Items

    Items that can be purchased from Z'ozpheratu with either credis, or coins, or both.
    Use Galactic Moon Festival Rewards page to view the appearance of the items and read about their properties and functions.

    Welcome to the Galactic Moon Festival! What can I do for you friend? A costume perhaps? Or some trinkets courtesy of the benevolent Jabba the Hutt? - Z'ozpheratu

    Dusty ScrollX1 000
    Spooky Scroll500X
    Cursed Scroll1 000X
    Max Rebo's Collected Classics: Dirge900X
    Bat PheromoneX5 000
    Spider PheromoneX5 000
    Trick or Treat Projector II200X
    Trick or Treat Projector III700X
    Scarecrow Kashyyyk Style I
    (Storyteller Token)
    Scarecrow Kashyyyk Style II (Storyteller Token)400X
    Streetlamp Kashyyyk Style I
    (Storyteller Token)
    Streetlamp Kashyyyk Style II
    (Storyteller Token)
    Spider Web Decoration Style I200X
    Spider Web Decoration Style II200X
    Spider Web Decoration Style III200X
    Sith O'Lantern I200X
    Sith O'Lantern II200X
    Sith O'Lantern III200X
    Sith O'Lantern IV200X
    Sith O'Lantern V200X
    The Galactic Moon Festival
    Krayt Dragon Skeleton400X
    Crescent Moon House Sign
    Crescent Moon House Sign
    Candle on a Skull200X
    Candle in a Skull200X
    Galactic Moon Festival Backpack700X
    Galactic Moon Festival Jacket600X
    The Sayormi Witch
    Schematic: Crafted Bat Pheromone500X
    Schematic: Crafted Bat Pheromone500X
    Burning Ewok Costume Instructions800X
    Gamorrean Guard Costume Instructions600X
    Kowakian Monkey-lizard Costume Instructions600X
    Toydarian Costume Instructions600X
    Chiss Costume Instructions600X
    Dark Trooper Costume Instructions600X
    Chevin Costume Instructions600X
    Afflicted Costume Instructions600X
    Exar Kun Costume Instructions600X
    Dantari Male Costume Instructions600X
    Dantari Female Costume Instructions600X
    B'omarr Monk Costume Instructions600X
    Hutt Costume Instructions600X
    Skeleton Costume Instructions600X
    Z'ozpheratu Costume Instructions800X
    Standard HoloshroudX900
    Ponda Baba's ArmX10 000
    Gackle Bat Familiar80050 000
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