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  • “Hold me, like you did by the lake on Naboo; so long ago when there was nothing but our love. No politics, no plotting, no war.”
    ―Padme Amidala to Anakin Skywalker


    Naboo is a beautifully lush planet that consists of rolling green hills, spectacular rivers and glorious cities. This planet does not typically provide a challenge for most new adventurers and is a good follow up to Tatooine on the continuation of your journey. There are various well known sites to see throughout Naboo. Whether you want to explore the magnificent capitol city of Theed, traverse the snowy peaks of Dee'ja Peak or visit the Gungan's to slap them around, there is something for everyone.

    NPC Cities​

    Naboo is well known for immaculate cities including its glorious capitol of Theed. Many of these cities have beautiful waterfalls, rivers or beaches making them spectacular places to visit. Naboo's awe inspiring cities include: Dee'ja Peak, Kaadara, Keren, Lake Retreat, Moenia, and Theed.


    Naboo has its own architectural style that often utilizes a dome look and uses green in its color. Players are able to build player cities on this planet using Naboo or Generic style buildings.


    Naboo has many magnificent points of interest:
    • Amidala's Beach
    • Borvo's Vault
    • Dee'ja Peak Waterfall
    • Emperor's Retreat
    • Gungan Sacred Place
    • Gungan Warrior Stronghold
    • Imperial vs. Gungan Battle
    • Keren Street Race
    • Mauler Stronghold
    • Mordran
    • Naboo Kidnapped Royalty
    • Narglatch Cave
    • Naboo Cave
    • Theed Waterfall
    • Veermok Cave
    • Weapon Development Facility
    • Tucker's Special Place


    • Chuba
    • Falumpaset
    • Fambaa
    • Flewt
    • Gnort
    • Gualama
    • Hermit Spider
    • Ikopi
    • Kaadu
    • Krevol
    • Mott
    • Narglatch
    • Nightspider
    • Nuna
    • Peko Peko
    • Rawl
    • Shaupaut
    • Spineflap
    • Tusk-Cat
    • Veermok
    • Borvo Thug
    • Borvo Champion
    • Gungan
    • Mauler
    • Mummer
    • Nikto Blood Cult
    • Philosopher
    • Plasma Thief
    • Plainsfolk
    • Plain Cat Trainer
    • RSF Commando
    • RSF Policeman
    • Skaak Tipper
    • Swamptroopers
    • Trade Federation Loyalist
    • Super Battle Droid
    • Battle Droid
    • Flawed Ultragungan Battle Droids


    Naboo has many adventures that await including:
    • Acklay Armor Quest
    • Bardo Klinj
    • Borvo's Guard
    • Borvo's Guard - A Trip to Corellia
    • Borvo the Hutt Quest
    • Brennis Doore
    • C-3TC
    • Captain Arven Wendik
    • Captain Gavyn Sykes
    • Crashed Shuttle
    • Damalia Korde
    • Dilvin Lormurojo
    • Ebenn Q3 Baobab
    • Hanna S'kiyah
    • House Call
    • Huff Zinga
    • Imperial Theme Park
    • Kima Nazith
    • Kritus Morven
    • Lareen Dantara
    • Leb Slesher
    • Legacy Quest
    • Lergo Brazee
    • Rovim Minnoni
    • To the Queen's Aid
    • The Azure Cabal
    • Trivial Librarian
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