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  • If you help me gather these samples on Talus, I will make it worth your time as I can create a life form for you as you see fit, to use as you will.
    ― Ridth Tercarcha (Crazed Scientist)


    Talus is a planet that is part of the Corellian system. It has a lot in common with Corellia, but also differs in that it is greener and more densely wooded. The challenge presented from the creatures of Talus are more difficult than Corellia, but is still a great place for newcomers to move past fumbling their weapons to honing their skills.

    Venture to Talus and take in the sights, help a Clone Wars veteran, and further prepare yourself for the more difficult journeys that await.

    NPC Cities​

    Whether you want to explore the large city of Dearic, check out the star shaped Imperial Outpost or keep it simple in the smaller town of Nashal, Talus has a place for you. Pick your favorite starport and begin your adventure!


    Talus uses Corellian Architecture and you will even find that the cities on Talus have the same look as Coronet on Corellia. Players are able to build player cities on this planet using Corellian or Generic style buildings.


    Talus has many great points of interest:
    • Aa'kuan Champion's Cave
    • Binyare Pirate Bunker
    • Corsec vs. Flail Battle
    • Detainment Center
    • Erran Sif
    • Giant Decay Mite Cave
    • Giant Fynock Cave
    • Imperial Outpost
    • Imperial vs. Rebel Battle
    • Kahmurra Biogenetic Research Station
    • Lost Aqualish War Party's Cave
    • Lost Village of Durbin
    • Weapons Depot


    • Dalyrake
    • Decay Mite
    • Dung Mite
    • Fynock
    • Guf Drolg
    • Gulginaw
    • Huf Dun
    • Humbaba
    • Kahmurra
    • Kima
    • Mire Marauder
    • Paralope
    • Rasp
    • Roba
    • Rot Mite
    • Sludge Panther
    • Tortur
    • Vynock
    • Wrix
    • A.C.L.O
    • Aa'kuans
    • Binyare Pirates
    • Chunker Gang
    • Drall
    • Fed Dub
    • Lost Aqualish
    • N.S.H
    • Selonians
    • Sleemo


    Talus has many adventures that await including:
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