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  • When you face one Nightsister of Dathomir - You face us all!
    ―Merrin, to Taron Malicos


    The Outer Rim planet of Dathomir is not for the feint of heart. It is a treacherous landscape of jungle that is littered with a plethora of dangerous creatures. Visibility is also difficult, as sunlight rarely finds it's way past the cloudy sky and dense fog covering the landscape.

    Considered one of the most difficult planets, most of the creatures and enemies found on Dathomir are aggressive. Just driving a speeder as fast as you can, may not always keep you out of their grasp. Great rewards await the adventurers willing to navigate this ghastly planet.

    NPC Cities​

    Due to the dangers of Dathomir, there are no NPC cities. Instead you have a few outposts including the Trade Ouypost, Science Outpost, and the Imperial Prison. You can also check out the Quarantine Zone.


    Dathomir does not have an architectural style of it's own. It's architecture primarily consists of outpost and prison style curb appeal. Players are unable to place homes of their own on Dathomir, however harvesters and factories are permissible.


    Dathomir has many dangerous points of interest:
    • Dathomir Abandoned Escape Pod
    • Dathomir Crash Site
    • Greater Misty Falls
    • Lesser Misty Falls
    • Lesser Sarlacc
    • Nightsister Stronghold
    • Nightsister Forced Labor Camp
    • Nightsister v. Singing Mountain Battle
    • Singing Mountain Clan
    • Nightspider Cult Cave
    • Dathomir Tar Pits
    • Township of Aurilia


    • Baz Nitch
    • Bolma
    • Brackaset
    • Deathtroopers
    • Gaping Spider
    • Kamurith
    • Kwi
    • Malkloc
    • Purbole
    • Rancor
    • Reptilian Flier
    • Shear Mite
    • Undead
    • Verne
    • Nightsister
    • Singing Mountain Clan
    • Dark Force Adepts


    Dathomir has some feature quests for those willing to brave it's perils:
    • Aurilia
    • Death Troopers
    • Doing Your Duty
    • Dolac Legasi
    • Monzo Bondog
    • Replacing My Robe
    • Shaki Hammachil
    • Shibb Nishil
    • Singular Nak
    • Wallaw Loowobbli
    • Warden Vinzel Haylon
    • Witches of Dathomir Prologue
    • Witches of Dathomir Theme Park
    • Xarot Korlin
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