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  • "I am Marles Jacobe of the Corellia Times. I am investigating the military buildup here in Restuss. It has already caused the entire city to be evacuated, displacing thousands of families. And with tensions running high there is sure to be a showdown. What are your thoughts on this whole situation?"
    ―Marles Jacobe to a spacer


    Rori is one of the three moons of Naboo. Having originally been colonized by King Narmle with the goal of making it as grand as Naboo, Rori still has a relatively low population. It has many similarities to Naboo, but it tends to consist of more swamps and marshes with less forestry. In the areas with forest, they are typically more dense. While out for a stroll, don't forget your umbrella, as Rori is known to rain more frequent than Naboo.

    Rori typically offers more of a challenge than many of the easier planets, but certainly not to the level of the more difficult planets. So it does provide a good opportunity for a future hero to develop themselves through mid-tier creatures and enemies.

    NPC Cities​

    Narmle is the only functioning city on Rori. However, there are two other locations that have a starport on this planet, Restuss and the Rebel Outpost. Restuss was once a magnificent city, but is now deserted after becoming a PvP battle ground.


    Rori has the same architectural style as Naboo. Players are able to build player cities on this planet using Naboo or Generic style buildings.


    Rori has many great points of interest:
    • Borgle Bat Cave
    • Cobral Hideout
    • Garyn Raider's Bunker
    • Giant Bark Mite Cave
    • Rori Gungan's Swamp Town
    • Hyperdrive Research Facility
    • Kobola Spice Mine
    • Poacher vs. Creature Battle
    • Pygmy Torton Cave
    • Research Base


    • Bark Mite
    • Borgle bat
    • Ikopi
    • Kai Tok
    • Leviasquall
    • Flewt
    • Krevol
    • Jax
    • Hermit spider
    • Garyn Pirates
    • Rorgungan
    • Nightspider
    • Nudfuh
    • Pygmy torton
    • Pugoriss
    • Spine Flap
    • Squall
    • Torton
    • Vir Vur
    • Vrobal
    • Wood Mite
    • Cobral Hideout
    • Kobola


    Rori has many adventures that await including:
    • Booto Lubble (Rebel)
    • Nym's Starmap
    • Vordin Sildor (Rebel)
    • Zicx Bug Bomb quest
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