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  • "Stories about Nym's past are less reliable than a Hutt politician. The first valid reports of him surfaced on Lok, a lawless world in the Karthakk system. He spent a few years as a skull smasher for hire, then started his own crew. But Nym made enemies fast."
    ―Vana Sage, in a holographic recording[

    Upon landing on the Karthakk system planet of Lok, you will take note of the giant castle like stronghold before you. It sits upon a giant wasteland of a planet that appears to have an endless expanse of desert hardened land with large plateaus littered throughout. As you venture across the sunbeaten land you will discover a few things to be true: the pirate's control the planet, lizards get BIG, and don't drink from the sulfur polluted rivers.

    When visiting Lok, it is best to be on good terms with the pirate king, Nym. He and his minions will gladly give you quests to accomplish while on his planet to prove you are worthy to join their ranks. These quests will take you up against opposing pirate forces to old Trade Federation facilities.

    This barren wasteland is a great proving ground for mid-level heroes to test their grit. Even though Lok may be easier than some Outer Rim planets, that doesn't mean you should take it lightly, or you may find yourself being chased by a Kimogila that hasn't had lunch in a week.

    NPC Cities​

    The only major city with a starport on Lok is Nym's Stronghold. However, there is an immaculate Imperial Outpost on the planet as well.


    Lok uses the same style of architecture as Tatooine. Players are permitted to build player cities on Lok and will be able to use Tatooine and Generic style housing.


    Lok has many dangerous points of interest:
    • Canyon Corsair Stronghold
    • Droid Engineer's Cave
    • Great Kimogila Skeleton
    • Great Maze of Lok
    • Gurk King's Lair
    • Mount Chaolt
    • Kimogila Town


    • Flit
    • Gurk
    • Gurnaset
    • Kimogila
    • Kusak
    • Langlatch
    • Perlek
    • Pharple
    • Snorbal
    • Spined Snake
    • Vesp
    • Canyon Corsair
    • Nym's Pirate
    • Blood Razor
    • Droideka


    Lok has some feature quests for those willing to brave it's perils:
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