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  • You can see here, the Death Star orbiting the forest moon of Endor. Although the weapon systems on this Death Star or not yet operational, the Death Star does have a strong defense mechanism. It is protected by an energy shield which is generated from the nearby forest moon of Endor.
    ―Admiral Ackbar


    The Outer Rim planet of Endor, home of the Ewoks, is a lush and densely forested planet. However, don't let it's beauty fool you, Endor is home to many dangerous and high level creatures and enemies. Even though this secluded planet only has two outposts, there is still plenty of great content to be had here for the heroes of the galaxy, including the infamous Death Watch Bunker.

    Now don't delay, come to Endor and frolic around in the forests with Ewoks or face off with battle hardened Black Suns. Your adventure awaits!

    NPC Cities​

    Endor only has two Spaceports, the Research Outpost and Smuggler's Outpost. These two would be the extent of the NPC cities found on Endor.


    Endor does not have an architectural style of it's own. It's architecture primarily consists of outpost glory. Players are unable to place homes of their own on Endor, however harvesters and factories are permissible.


    Endor has many dangerous points of interest:
    • Death Watch Bunker
    • Dulok Village 1
    • Dulok Village 2
    • Ewok Lake Village 1
    • Ewok Lake Village 2
    • Ewok Tree Village 1
    • Ewok Tree Village 2
    • Jinda Ritualist's Cave
    • Korga Cave
    • Marauder's Stronghold
    • Orphaned Marauder's Cave


    • Arachne
    • Blurrg
    • Boar Wolf
    • Bolle Bol
    • Borgle
    • Bordok
    • Gorax
    • Gurreck
    • Hanadak
    • Jax
    • Lantern Bird
    • Mantigrue
    • Merek
    • Mite
    • Prong
    • Roba
    • Squall
    • Ewok
    • Jinda
    • Korga
    • Marauder
    • Black Sun variants
    • Death Watch variants
    • Battle Droid
    • Super Battle Droid


    Endor has some great quests:
    • Death Watch Bunker
    • Foreman Quest inside Death Watch Bunker.
    • Rebreather Quest inside Death Watch Bunker.
    • Marauder Themepark
    • Munitions Trader Marauder armor quests
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