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  • [griping about Tatooine] If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from.
    ―Luke Skywalker


    Tatooine is the planet all new adventurers begin their journey. It is a desert planet that is covered in rolling sand dunes, rocky mountains and open wastelands. There are various creatures and enemies to be found here, but some of the best well known are the Tusken Raiders and Krayt Dragons.

    Another well known figure that calls Tatooine home is Jabba the Hutt. Venture out past Wayfar and discover Jabba's Palace over-shadowing the area. Jabba and his thugs will be happy to provide you various tasks to complete his Themepark. You would be mistaken if you think you will get an audience with the big man... erm slug, anytime soon. Mind your manners though, unless you wish to find yourself staring down a Rancor or in the Pit of Carkoon.

    Be careful with who you trust on this sleazy back ally of a planet. Whether it's illegal dealings in the back of the lively cantinas, the cartel thugs roaming the streets or the sketchy vendors offering you faulty goods, it is best to always watch your back on Tatooine.

    NPC Cities​

    Tatooine has many great options for NPC cities to visit including: Anchorhead, Bestine, Mos Eisley, Mos Entha, Mos Espa, Mos Taike, and Wayfar. However, only Bestine, Mos Eisley, Mos Entha and Mos Espa have Starports. There is much to do in each city, or at the very least, they are close to great sites to visit.


    Tatooine buildings keep with the theme of the planet by using a sandy stone style appeal. Players are able to build player cities on this planet using Tatooine or Generic style buildings.


    Tatooine has some classic points of interest:
    • Escape Pod
    • Great Krayt Skeleton
    • Jabba's Palace
    • Kenobi Homestead
    • Krayt Graveyard
    • Lars Homestead
    • Pit of Carkoon
    • Fort Tusken


    • Bantha
    • Beetle
    • Bocatt
    • Cu Pa
    • Desert Razorback
    • Dewback
    • Dunelizard
    • Dragonet
    • Eopie
    • Gorg
    • Krayt Dragon
    • Kreetle
    • Rill
    • Ronto
    • Scyk
    • Sevorrt
    • Squill
    • Tatooine Mynock
    • Womp Rat
    • Worrt
    • Zucca Boar
    • Desert Demons
    • Jabba's Men
    • Jawa
    • Scavengers
    • Swoop Gang
    • Tatooine NPC's
    • Tusken
    • Valarian's Men
    • White Thranta
    • Rebel Troopers
    • Sennex
    • Most Common Droids
    • Battle Droids


    Tatooine has many adventures that await including:
    • Aaph Koden (Rebel)
    • Bestine Capitol missions for Prefect Talmont (Imperial)
    • Bestine Capitol missions for Wilhalm Skrim (Imperial)
    • Bestine Painting Election
    • Blerx Tango (Rebel)
    • Bossk quests
    • Bren Kingal missions (Various trophies)
    • Byxle Pedette
    • Captain Jasha
    • Darklighter's Estate quest (Polished Krayt Dragon Skull)
    • Droma Ordo (Rebel and Neutral)
    • Farious Gletch
    • Finding Huff's Rifle
    • Flowers for Shmi
    • Hero of Tatooine (Mark of the Hero - Resurrection Ring)
    • Jabba's Theme Park
    • Jilljoo Jab
    • Kill the Tusken King
    • Kitster Banai
    • Kormund Thrylle (Rebel)
    • Legacy Quest (Tatooine Section)
    • Lorne Prestar
    • Mayor Gramm Rile
    • Melios Purl
    • Nathan Blyskipper
    • Pfilbee Jhorn (Imperial)
    • Prefect Talmont
    • Rakir Banai
    • Safety Measures
    • Safety Measures Part 2
    • Safety Measures Part 3
    • Something is Obviously Wrong
    • Tekil Barje
    • The Great Hunter
    • The Master Hunter
    • Third Sun Cantina missions for Stella
    • Vardias Tyne
    • Wald's Woes
    • Wilhalm Skrim
    • Working for Boba Fett
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