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Jabba's Theme Park

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  • Recommended combat levels: 25 and higher

    The themepark can either stand alone, or be completed as part of the Legacy Quest. To start the themepark, you need to talk to Reelo Baruk (-5899, -6226) just inside the front gate of Jabba's Palace.

    Game Info

    • Jabba's Corellian Corvette missions. Speak with Bruce McBrain in the Entrance area (/way -580 –6220), or Bronell, 2nd floor by Ephont Mon (/way -5914 -6232).

    • Beissa, Jabba's Freelance Pilot Trainer is in the throneroom (/way -5954 -6285) if you are interested in flying for the Hutt.

    Part 1 - Reelo Baruk

    Level 18

    • Moderate Combat & Weapon XP
    • Faction: 50 Jabba
    • Money: 750 credits


    There are plenty of people who live or work in Jabba's Palace who need things done. You're the person to do those things.

    Conversation with Reelo Baruk​

    Reelo Baruk: You look like you might have some fight in ya. Wanna work for Jabba?
    PC: Let's hear about the job first.
    Reelo Baruk: Smart. You wanna know what you're up against before you tackle it. I like that. Okay, here's the deal, you ever heard of the Alkhara bandits?
    PC: No, who are they?
    Reelo Baruk: Well, a long time ago, there was this bandit named Alkhara. Allied himself with the Sand People, and took out a police garrison. Problem is, he immediately turned on the Sand People that helped him and slaughtered them all.
    PC: Sounds like a nice guy.
    Reelo Baruk: Yeah, he's one of the reasons there's still a feud between the Sand People and normal folks. Anyway, Alkhara died, but recently a group of people who were ousted from their homes by Sand People got together and reformed themselves into a group called Alkhara's bandits. Which would be fine if they'd just stick to fighting the Sand People.
    PC: I take it they're more trouble than that.
    Reelo Baruk: Way more. They have to keep supplied so they hit some of the outlying farms and merchants and such. Trouble is those people pay Jabba for protection. Jabba, in his infinite capacity for selfless behavior is now actually going to honor those contracts. You're going to make sure the Alkharans stop attacking the merchants.
    PC: By killing them.
    Reelo Baruk: You got it. Now get out there and make us proud. Don't come back until you've killed at least ten of them.

    Kill Alkharan Bandits​

    Jabba needs an enforcer to show the Alkharan Bandits the price of attacking those who pay Jabba for protection. Kill 10 Alkharan Bandits (CL15) at the given waypoint just out of the palace (see Alkhara Bandit Camp). Once you have killed 10 Alkharans, Reelo Baruk will contact you by comm for your next assignment.

    Reelo Baruk: Good work. Jabba wants you to take care of some of Valarian's soldiers who are skulking around the Palace.

    Kill Valarian Thugs​

    Kill 11 of Lady Valarian's Thugs who have been skulking around the palace. Waypoint given -3867, -4292. Kill the Valarian thugs and then return to Reelo. Once completed Reelo Baruk will contact you by comm again this time telling you to collect the debts from a dozen more of Lady Valarian's Thugs.

    Reelo Baruk: Some of Valarian's people are buying up gambling debts. Take the vouchers from them so we can cash in ourselves.

    Collect Debts from Valarian Thugs​

    This mission is in the same place as the last mission so just take out a dozen more of Lady Valarian's Thugs, (-3867, -4292). Kill 12 Valarians and bring back the gambling debts that they have been carrying around to Reelo.

    Conversation with Reelo Baruk​

    Reelo Baruk: Excellent. We'll start collecting on these immediately. Now, if you're still hungry for some work I suggest you talk to my friend Ree-Yees. He'll have something for you to do.

    Part 2 - Ree-Yees

    Level 18

    • XP: Weapon & Combat
    • Faction: 75 Jabba
    • Money: 850 credits
    • Items: a Stolen Ring (buff item)


    There are plenty of people who live or work in Jabba's Palace who need things done. You're the person to do those things.

    Conversation with Ree-Yees​

    Ree-Yees: Reelo says you're all right. Some things have gone missing and I'd like you to go retrieve them.
    PC: What is it that's gone missing.
    Ree-Yees: An item we acquired recently. A famed musician was touring Tatooine a few weeks ago and we stole his gem encrusted bell, the one they use to signal the end of a concert. The Sand Splitters walked out of here with it and are looking for a buyer. Get it back from them.
    PC: Someone stole from Jabba?
    Ree-Yees: Yeah, we caught one of them as they were escaping. The Sarlacc had a nice little snack that day, but the rest of them got away. Word is that one of the knaves must be carrying it around.
    PC: So, I should just find that Sand Splitter knave?
    Ree-Yees: That's what I was thinking. Though we don't know who it is. So you may have to go through a few of them to get to the guy. See if you can find the bell and when you do I'll have something else for you.
    PC: Anything else?
    Ree-Yees: No, that's all. Get the gem encrusted bell, and I'll call you.

    The Bell​

    Ree-Yees gives you a waypoint to a cave. You have to enter the cave and kill Sand Splitter knaves.

    Ree-Yees: Jabba's missing a ledger containing valuable information. It was stolen by the Sand Splitters, and he demands it be returned. Find the thug that has it. It shouldn't take long.

    The Ledger​

    Ree-Yees tells you to kill brutes and get a ledger. The ledger is hard to spot—look for a red book on top of a crate at:

    /waypoint -6829 -5605 Ledger;

    Ree-Yees: Jabba had a prototype warhead in the garage. It's missing. Those Sand Splitters once again. I had no idea they stole so much when they left, but they've now gotten Jabba's attention. He wants an end to them once and for all.

    The Prototype Warhead​

    Then you are to kill 2 named Sandsplitter leaders (Saul Rouse and Erib Kurrugh) and pick something up for Jabba. These guys can be found at the end of the cave. Players often find themselves searching in vain all through the cave, because it is very easy to overlook, but in fact, the warhead is placed right next to the last sandsplitter at:

    /way -6978 -5577 Warhead;

    Conversation with Ree-Yees​

    Ree-Yees: You did it! Excellent, the bell, the book, and the...well, I feel like I should say Candle, but I'm not sure why. Maybe that would be a good name for this warhead. The Candle. Hmm... Anyway, you did good work. Ephant Mon wants to speak to you about these Sennex pirates. Here, take your reward and go upstairs and see him.

    Notes: In the final conversation with Ree Yees, he uses the term, "The bell, the book, the candle." This may be an Easter Egg. For the meaning of this term: Bell, book, and candle.

    Part 3 - Ephant Mon

    Level - 19

    • XP: Weapon & Combat
    • Faction: 150 Jabba
    • Money: 1150 credits
    • Item: Planetary Positioning System


    There are plenty of people who live or work in Jabba's Palace who need things done. You're the person to do those things.
    Ephant Mon is located at

    /way -5924 -6242 Ephant Mon;

    Conversation with Ephant Mon​

    Ephant Mon: I heard you had no trouble taking care of those Sand Splitters for Ree-Yees?
    PC: That's right. What about it?
    Ephant Mon: Just mentioning it is all. Have you ever heard of the Sennex? They're a bad lot, worse than the Hutts, and I say that with all due respect. They're slave traders and slave trading's been outlawed on Tatooine. Got it?
    PC: Just tell me about the Sennex.
    Ephant Mon: Slavers, criminals, crooks. They're making Jabba upset, and no one likes it when Jabba is upset. You want to help us?
    PC: Sure.
    Ephant Mon: Sennex are causing trouble, bringing heat to the planet, and Jabba doesn't like it. Start thinning the Sennex herd, will you?

    Kill Sennex Pirates​

    The Sennex are cutting into Jabba's slave trade on Tatooine and this makes for an angry Hutt. You are to kill 16 Sennex (CL17+) at the provided waypoint (-4927, 1268), the nearest static shuttle is Mos Espa.

    Ephant Mon: You're showing a lot of spirit out there. Now it's time to move on to heavy lifting. Find the Sennex Slavemasters, plenty of them around. I want five of them destroyed, understand?

    Kill Sennex Slavemasters​

    Kill 5 Sennex slavemasters (CL18) found in the compound. They can be found in a cargo room in a lower far end of the compound (the room starts at -4990 -33 1317)

    Ephant Mon: Sennex guards carry key-chips they use to access the databanks. Collect the key-chips until you have enough to break into their databank. Should take about nine of them.

    Take Key-chips from Sennex Guards​

    Kill 9 Sennex guards (CL17) to get the key-chips to break into the Sennex databank.

    Ephant Mon: You've surpassed my expectations. Now you need to use those key-chips. Find the central computer in the Sennex hideout and wipe all their information. That ought to slow them down.

    Wipe the Sennex Databank​

    /way -4949 1344 Databank;

    Ephant Mon: You do good work, I'll say that. Bring it on home. Head back to the palace and let me give you a little something for your time. Maybe I'll even introduce you around.

    Conversation with Ephant Mon​

    Ephant Mon: It's done? I had a feeling about you. These old bones never lie. I promised you a reward, and now here it is. Enjoy it. If you've got some time you might go see Porcellus in the kitchen. I hear he's having a hard time, and if you could use a good meal there's no place better on Tatooine to get one.

    Part 4 - Porcellus

    Level 19

    • Faction: 50 Jabba
    • Money: 500 credits
    • XP: Weapon & Combat
    • Faction: 500 Jabba
    • Money: 1000 credits


    There are plenty of people who live or work in Jabba's Palace who need things done. You're the person to do those things.
    Porcellus, located in the kitchen at (-5963 -6226), is Jabba's cook, and desperately wants to leave his job. He needs your help.

    /way -5963 -6226 Porcellus;

    Conversation with Porcellus​

    Porcellus: Say, you look handy. I could use someone to scrounge together some ingredients for me. Can you help me out?
    PC: What exactly are you cooking?
    Porcellus: Oh, this is going to be great. I've been Jabba's slave, er-I mean chef for too long. I'm going to make him the best meal he's ever had, and then when he's satiated and in a good mood I'm going to ask him to release me. He'll have to say yes.
    PC: So, what are you cooking?
    Porcellus: A five course meal. Stuffed dune lizard gizzard appetizers, beetle broth, squill liver salad, dragonet steaks, and zucca fruit pastries for dessert. We'll probably also need some wine.
    PC: Where should I start?
    Porcellus: Fantastic. You're going to start by bringing me gizzards. Gizzards from lizards. Dune lizards to be exact. Dune lizard gizzards. Hey, that's fun to say! Ok, start with that, and I'll let you know what else we need after that.

    Dune Lizard Gizzards​

    Kill 13 Dune Lizards (CL17). Waypoint given (-5930 -5958).

    Porcellus: Now, time for the soup. Jabba likes a good beetle broth. He calls it stew, but actually it's broth. We need beetle carcasses. For flavor I'd say about 15. Rock or cave beetles. Either one.

    Rock Beetles​

    Kill 15 Rock Beetles (CL18). Waypoint given (-4946 -6349).

    Porcellus: Jabba's picky about salads. He will eat squill liver salad though, so I need you to bring me mountain squill livers. Not desert squills, too rubbery. Mountain squill only.


    Kill 14 Mountain Squill (CL17). Waypoint given (-3935 -4854).

    Porcellus: Dragonet flank steaks are the main course. Their meat is so succulent! Yes. Flanks. Dragonet flanks. 16 of them if you don't mind.

    Dragonet Flanks​

    Kill 16 Dragonet Runts (CL19). Waypoint given (-4643 -4727).

    Porcellus: For dessert, Zucca Fruit Pastries. No common zucca meat, get a wild boar. I'd say you could go buy some, but Jabba won't eat something we paid for. Kill them yourself.

    Zucca Boar​

    Kill 2 Zucca Boar (CL 19). Waypoint given (-4517 -3997).

    Porcellus: The last thing we need is wine. The best wine comes from, well, it doesn't matter. Jabba won't drink the best wine. He has a taste for this Corellian Merlot. Get it from Valarian's thugs.

    Valarian Thugs​

    Kill 19 Valarian Thugs (though any Valarian will update the quest) (CL 20) to collect wine for Jabba. Waypoint given (-3867 -4292).

    Conversation with Porcellus​

    Porcellus: Ah, yes, these ingredients will do perfectly! Oh, I can't thank you enough. Jabba will have to let me go after this meal. This is going to be the best meal I've ever cooked!
    PC: Can you think of anything for me to do now?
    Porcellus: You should head down to the garage and see Barada. I brought him some snacks a little while ago and he was complaining about needing help with something.

    Part 5 - Barada

    Level 19

    • Faction: 300 Jabba
    • Money: 1250 credits
    • XP: Weapon & Combat
    • Item: Barada's Vehicle Custimization Kit


    There are plenty of people who live or work in Jabba's Palace who need things done. You're the person to do those things.
    Barada is located at /way -5965 -6325. He is Jabba's swoop bike and pod racer mechanic.

    Conversation with Barada​

    Barada: Porcellus says you're good. He told you I needed help? I do. Someone with a steady hand and steady nerves. Is that you?
    PC: Yeah, that's me.
    Barada: Good, good. Let's get started then. Valarian's racers are cheating. There's no way they're building better vehicles than me. Find out what they're doing.
    PC: Isn't pod racing illegal?
    Barada: What are you, some kind of Imperial spy? Everything we do around here is illegal. Unless you really are an Imperial spy, in which case I was kidding. No, wait, Jabba's paid off the Imperials, so it doesn't matter. What were we talking about?
    PC: Where do you hold these pod races?
    Barada: Don't concern yourself with everything at once. All you need to know is what I want you to do, and then I just need you to do it.
    PC: What should I do?
    Barada: Find some of Valarian's pod racers and see what they have.

    Steal Pod Parts from Valarian's Pod Racers​

    Head to the Valarian Pod Racers Bunker at /way -700 -6300. Nearest static shuttleport is Anchorhead. Find out how Valarian's Pod Racers (CL19) are cheating to beat Jabba's in illegal races.

    Barada: I hear those things are some kind of new fuel system Valarian's pods are using. Find some samples of the fuel cells and the fuel dispersion tubes that they are using. While you're at it, take their so-called pod racer champion, Doane Watki, down a peg or two.

    Beating Valarian's Pod Racers​

    Conversation with Barada​

    Barada: This is fantastic. I'm going to give you this. It's a customization kit for your vehicle. We have hundreds of them lying around, so I don't really feel bad about giving you one. Oh, I should have kept that last part to myself, shouldn't I? Oh well. Hey, go see Bib Fortuna. He's got something to talk to you about.

    Part 6 - Bib Fortuna

    Level 19

    • Faction: 500 Jabba
    • XP: Weapon & Combat
    • Faction: 175 Jabba (second reward may be due to pre NGE completion)
    • Money: 1500 credits
    • Item: Bib's Boots (+8 Luck)


    There are plenty of people who live or work in Jabba's Palace who need things done. You're the person to do those things.
    Bib Fortuna, the depraved, albino Twi'lek who serves as Jabba's majordomo, is located in Jabba's main audience hall at (-5954, -6260).

    Conversation with Bib Fortuna​

    Bib Fortuna: More and more I hear your name in the Palace. I need things done. You will do them for me, yes?
    PC: Who are you?
    Bib Fortuna: I am Bib Fortuna, majordomo to Jabba the Hutt.
    PC: What's a majordomo?
    Bib Fortuna: I handle the day to day affairs of the Palace. Things Jabba's immense mind should not have to deal with. Minor details of the operations that he need not concern himself with.
    PC: Sounds important.
    Bib Fortuna: It is. but what's important to me right now is whether or not I can count on you to handle this task. I need money delivered to Romo Vax in Wayfar, and I need the disk he is delivering brought back here. Can you do it?
    PC: Sure. I'll do it.
    Bib Fortuna: Excellent.Our friend, Romo Vax, has sent me a signal from the city of Wayfar. He has a disk, he would like to sell it to us. You will go and retrieve it.

    Speak to Romo Vax​

    Head to Wayfar and speak to an undercover courier who is afraid to lead spies into Jabba's Palace. His name is Romo Vax and he is in the Wayfar cantina at the given way point (-5224, -6560). Just talk to him and he will ask you to provide a bit of protection before he hands over the datadisk.

    Conversation with Romo Vax​

    Romo Vax: You're Bib's contact? Oh. I expected someone bigger. No offense, I'm just kidding. But there's a problem. I can't give you the data
    PC: Why not?
    Romo Vax: Hey, it's not a thing between us, all right, it's just that there's too much competition with their eyes on me, you know what I'm saying? You probably don't. Someone's been watching me. I wasn't sure at first, but I've managed to find their camp outside of Wayfar. I'd feel a lot safer if their eyes were closed, you know what I mean?
    PC: You want me to kill some of them?
    Romo Vax: Hey, what do you know? You did know what I meant! That's incredible. Yeah, you should kill some of them. Come back when you're done with that.

    Defeat the Wayfar Spies​

    Kill 9 Wayfar Spies (cl19) at the given waypoint (-5487, -6632). Kill Dewall Paez, Leader of the Wayfar Spies (cl21) (-5487, -6632).

    Bib Fortuna: Stop spending time working for Romo Vax, you work for me. His information doesn't allow him to make demands. We're through negotiating, if he wants to get paid he turns over the data now.

    Return to Romo Vax​

    Bib calls you on the commlink and tells you to get back to Romo at once and get the data disks.

    Conversation with Romo Vax​

    Romo Vax: Okay, I'll be honest with you. I was hoping to sort this out when you were gone, but I couldn't solve it. My problem that is. So, I still can't give you the data.
    PC: We're done negotiating with you.
    Romo Vax: Are you sure you have the power to negotiate that yourself? Maybe you should contact Bib and see if that's what he wants you to do.
    PC: I've talked to Bib. We're done negotiating.
    Romo Vax: Oh, I see, you're just Bib's little enforcer aren't you? You don't make the decisions, huh? You just do whatever that sharp-toothed freak wants?
    PC: Let's see, would I rather make you happy, or Jabba?
    Romo Vax: Okay, that's a fair point. Fine. But this isn't a negotiation. I'm not trying to get more money. I have a serious problem!
    PC: What problem?
    Romo Vax: Well, it's just that they actually, um...robbed me. They broke in, hacked my system, downloaded everything, and left a virus behind that wiped out my entire mainframe. Lady Valarian was behind it. The hackers were working for her.
    PC: Okay, okay. Settle down. I'll retrieve the data.
    Romo Vax: Oh, thank you!

    Retrieve the Stolen Data from Valarian's Hackers​

    Romo proves his "worth" by losing the data disks to the Valarians.

    Kill Valarian hackers (cl19). Retrieve the data from /tar a data terminal (-5386 -6899)

    Take the Disk To Bib Fortuna​

    Once you have the disk of interest to Bib Fortuna, Take it back to the palace.

    Conversation with Bib Fortuna​

    Bib Fortuna: Ah! The data! Yes, this is what I've been waiting for. I'll get this encryption cracked right away. In the meantime, you must answer for your earlier deeds. Those spies that were troubling Romo were working for me. I've long suspected that Romo was double-crossing us.
    PC: Double-crossing you? Why would Romo Vax do that?
    Bib Fortuna: Because he is working for the Sennex pirates. Despite your interference with my spies in Wayfar, I've been able to verify Romo's association with the Sennex. To make amends to me for killing my spies, you shall go take care of Romo Vax. I want him eliminated.

    Romo's Time Is Up​

    Kill 11 'Romo Vax's Henchman' (cl19) (-5058 -6975) Kill Romo Vax (cl20) In the small room to the left (-5097 -6898)

    Return to Bib Fortuna​

    Time to collect your paycheck. Head back to Jabba's palace to get paid.

    Conversation with Bib Fortuna​

    Bib Fortuna: Aha! You've done it! That should take care of that little problem. It's unfortunate that Romo Vax was a spy. My understanding is that it's a name the Sennex pirates have used for many years, with many different agents. We should be more careful in the future.
    PC: So I've completed my part?
    Bib Fortuna: For now, yes. Here's a little something for your trouble. I don't want you to think that we fail in our generosity when someone does well. Jabba himself was impressed by this mission, and would like to speak to you as soon as possible.

    Part 7 - Jabba The Hutt

    Level 20

    • Faction: 100 (Jabba)
    • Money: 1850 credits
    • XP: Weapon & Combat

    Jabba himself has asked you to take care of a few things for him.
    Jabba the Hutt is located at (-5960 -6261) in the throne room.

    Conversation with Jabba the Hutt​

    Jabba the Hutt: I knew you were my kind of scum. Are you prepared to go back to work?
    PC: Ready and willing.
    Jabba the Hutt: Good. Valarian has been frothing at the mouth for revenge, due to your past work. Let's keep her anger rising.
    PC: Tell me what to do, mighty Jabba.
    Jabba the Hutt: Valarian has been bringing in off-world specialists to try to compete with my organization. The first is a spice trading specialist named Delrice Capreese. Eliminate this specialist.

    Valarian's Spice Dealer​

    Valarian has a new spice specialist. Your job is to take her out. Your target is called Delrice Capreese (CL17). She is located at (-4331 -5027).

    Jabba the Hutt: Valarian has a nice long list of outside help she's paying, and you're going to make sure she's wasted her money. Next up is her personal bodyguard. Show him who runs Tatooine.

    Valarian's Brute​

    Now you are off to remove Valarian's bodyguard Tyrok (CL20), he is with a group of 5 Mountain Squill(CL16) (you don't have to kill these they pretty much ignore you). Waypoint given at (-4932 -5542).

    Jabba the Hutt: Tyrok was no match, eh? I expected as much. Valarian has assembled a team in a pathetic attempt to mount various attacks against me. They have set up strategic command at a secure outpost, but I have discovered the location of that bunker. You shall infiltrate this bunker and take out Valarian's team.

    Infiltrate the Valarian Command Bunker​

    Head to (-3911 -4109) to cut off Lady Valarian's arms supplies. You are to kill her weaponsmith Arkahn Greystar (CL22 Elite).

    Next up for removal is Lady Valarian's personal slicer, Iris Tananda Sinclair (CL22 Elite). Waypoint (-3936 -3970).

    Time to remove the brains of Lady Valarian's operation kill - Fnast Drexler (CL22 Elite). Waypoint (-3872 -3993).

    Now that the brains of the Valarian operation are gone it is time to cut out the muscle - kill Lady Valarian's warlord Careem (CL22). Waypoint (-3846 -4031).

    It is time to take down Lady Valarian's assassin before he is sent after you. Head to (-3843 -4081) and put and end to the Rodian Emanon (CL22 Elite).

    Jabba the Hutt: Valarian will think long and hard before she butts heads with me again. I'd kill her, or rather have you do it, but it's fun to watch her squirm. Come back and get paid for your work.

    Return to Jabba​

    Head back to the palace and get paid.

    Conversation with Jabba the Hutt​

    Jabba the Hutt: Ah, I see you've returned, just like I asked. I hope that we can work together again in the future. For now, avail yourself of my hospitality, but watch yourself. There are no second chances around here.

    Congratulations! You have finished the themepark and earned Jabba's Badge of Trust. Continue with the Legacy quest (if you are working on it) by speaking with Jabba.