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  • This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi; it will soon see the end of the rebellion.
    ―Darth Vader, to Grand Moff Tarkin before the Battle of Yavin

    Yavin IV is the 4th moon of the planet Yavin. It is a planet consisting of a dense jungle and beautiful beaches. As nice as this planet may appear, it does provide a suitable challenge for the heroes that have proven themselves skilled. Between the Jedi and the Black Suns that grace this jungle planet, you will have your hands full.

    If you believe yourself to be a worthy adventurer, venture into the depths of the Geonosian Caves. Should you survive, you may yet prove yourself worthy of glory. If you feel the calling of the force, consider navigating the Temple of Exar Kun. Will you be the hero capable of conquering what awaits on Yavin IV?

    NPC Cities​

    There may not be NPC cities on Yavin IV, but there are three outposts: Mining Outpost, Labor Outpost, and the Imperial Base. Each of these outposts are on either the far corner or top of the map to make travel a bit more convenient.


    Yavin IV may not have traditional building architecture, but it does have some extravagant Temples to look at. Players are unable to place buildings other than Factories and Harvesters on this planet.


    Yavin IV has a few points of interest:
    • Temple of the Blueleaf
    • Massassi Temple
    • Temple of Exar Kun
    • Woolamander Palace


    • Angler
    • Choku
    • Crystal Snake
    • Dark Kliknik
    • Gackle Bat
    • Kliknik
    • Mamien
    • Mawgax
    • Skreeg
    • Spined Puc
    • Stintaril
    • Tanc Mite
    • Tybis
    • Whisper Bird
    • Woolamander
    • Galactic Empire
    • Rebel Alliance
    • Black Sun
    • Yavin Scavengers
    • Dark Jedi Sentinel
    • Light Jedi Sentinel


    Yavin IV has some difficult missions including:
    • Catch A Fallen Star
    • Catch A Fallen Star 2
    • Catch A Fallen Star 3
    • Death Star Fragment (Part 1)
    • Death Star Fragment (Part 2)
    • Find Lost Worker
    • Geonosian Caves
    • Yavin IV Space Station
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