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  • It won't be long before the armies of the Republic track us here. I am sending all of you to the Mustafar system in the Outer Rim. It is a volcanic planet which generates a great deal of scanning interference. You will be safe there.
    ―General Grievous

    Introduced in the Trials of Obi-Wan Expansion, Mustafar is a planet of active volcanoes spewing fire and lava. This planet is more closely related to the original planets than Kashyyyk in that you can explore more of the planet with less strict pre-set paths.

    As you adventure across this volcanic planet, you will quickly discover that not just any vehicle will do here. If you plan to stay in one piece, you need to use a Lava Flea, Transport Skiff, Mustafarian Panning Droid, Basilisk War Droid, or Jetpack. After all, that burnt Vader look isn't exactly becoming.

    So get out there and purchase your Shuttle ticket to Mustafar from Corellia or Talus. Navigate through these lava fields and make a name for yourself as you accomplish epic quests and amazing feats. Your next big adventure awaits!

    NPC Cities​

    Mustafar does not have a Starport but instead has a Shuttleport to the Mensix Mining Facility from Corellia or Talus. The Mensix Mining Facility is as close as it gets to an NPC city on Mustafar. Players are not permitted to place any structures on this planet.


    Outside of the mining facilities and the Jedi Temple, there is not much in the way of architecture on Mustafar.


    Mustafar has many dangerous points of interest:
    • Crash Site Excavation
    • Mensix Mining Facility (Starting point)
    • Old Mining Facility
    • Mining Camp On Strike
    • Old Research Facility
    • The Burning Plains
    • Crystal Flats
    • Berken's Flow
    • Mining Fields
    • Tulrus Nesting Grounds
    • The Central Volcano
    • The Smoking Forest


    • Blistmok
    • Jundak
    • Kubaza Beetle
    • Lava Flea
    • Sher Kar
    • Tanray
    • Tulrus
    • Xandank
    • Blackguard
    • Inquisitorium Dark Trooper
    • Mustafarian Lava Miner
    • Razor Runner
    • Salvage Bandit
    • Storm Lord
    • The Shambler
    • Treasure Hunter
    • Voakar Duset
    • Class Eradicator
    • HK-47
    • Mustafarian Mining Droid
    • Old Research Facility Droids


    Mustafar has some content filled quests:
    • A Collector's Business
    • A Hidden Treasure?
    • A History Lesson
    • A Moral Choice
    • A Strange Gem
    • A Whole Pack of Trouble
    • An Archeologist's Problem
    • Beasts From the East
    • Being A Good Samaritan
    • Calypso (Music)
    • Champion of Mustafar
    • Clear Out Beetle Nest
    • Exploration of Mustafar
    • Fate of the Galaxy
    • Fragments of the Past
    • Hunter Becomes the Hunted
    • Lava Flea Hunt
    • Miner Madness
    • Peiyi (Dance)
    • Sickness of the Storm Lord
    • Skin the Blistmoks
    • Skull of the Jundak
    • Symbiosis
    • Symbols of Chu-Gon Dar
    • The Cursed Shard
    • The Deadly Raptors
    • The Jagged Teeth
    • The Jedi's Guard Dog
    • The Man-eater
    • The Mining Field Markers
    • The Serpent Shard
    • The Strike
    • The Tasty Tanray
    • Unlocking the Secrets

    Mustafar Content Vendor​

    There is a Mustafar Content Vendor, by the name of Raktaki, located within the Mensix Mining Facility on Mustafar. This vendor allows the player to purchase appearance and decoration items in exchange for credits. The player is required to do certain content on Mustafar as a pre-requisite to purchase certain items.

    This vendor is exclusive to the Restoration server.
    /way Mustafar 386 -1257 Raktaki - Mustafar Content Vendor;