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Champion of Mustafar

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  • The Champion of Mustafar questline was introduced as one of the two main quest arcs for Mustafar with Publish 1.0.

    It begins simply enough, but eventually leads the player to uncover and thwart a plan to destroy the very planet itself. The series of quests takes place all over the volcanic planet of Mustafar, in ancient Old Republic ruins, and even in the central volcano itself. It contains mass battles, team-puzzles, and lots of exploration. The first few quests can be solo'd, but a group is required in later quests.

    All of the dungeons/instances in this questline have lockout timers!

    Champion of Mustafar Quest Guide​

    Quests that are available:
    Quests that are locked behind server progression:
    • The Trouble with HK-47: Defeat the Droid Army [Group]
    • The Trouble with HK-47: Shut Down Factory [Group]
    • Destroy HK-47 [Group]


    These are the repeatable dungeons/instances that come from the Champion of Mustafar. You must first complete the quest for the respective dungeon/instance in order to flagged for it.

    Dungeons/instances that are available:
    Dungeons/instances that are locked behind server progression:
    • Droid Army(DA)
    • Working Droid Factory(DF2)
    • The Volcano Crater(HK)