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Patch Notes Publish 1.0

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The server was taken down for maintenance today and an update was applied. This update requires a client patch, so be sure to close your client and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

Welcome to Publish 1.0! Our first Roadmap Milestone. Update Notes:

Mysteries of the Force

Start your journey to becoming a powerful Jedi, constrained by the era of the Galactic Empire, which poses unique challenges as a thriving Force Sensitive community to take in a youngling for training is nonexistent. Consequently, becoming a Jedi will be a demanding, stimulating, and individualized experience for every inhabitant of the Star Wars Galaxy. Discovery of The Force will require exploration on group and solo adventures throughout the ground and space. Everything encountered along the way, from artifacts and horticulture to creatures and conclaves, will play a role in your saga.
  • Use the /checkForce command to monitor your progress towards force sensitivity.


Mustafar returns to Star Wars Galaxies, offering more than 30 quest lines and experiences. This adventure planet contains iconic points of interest, relics worth collecting, powerful weapons, dangerous dungeons, and more—all balanced for the Combat Upgrade. Purchase a shuttle ticket to Mensix Mining Facility from Corellia or Talus. The planet is jam-packed with quests, collections, and more! Visit Foreman Chivos in the Mustafar Mining Facility (334, -1125) to get started on an epic adventure.

Visit the Mustafar Content Vendor after completing various stages of your journey in the lava-filled world to acquire:

  • Lava Resistance Kit
  • A Darth Vader Painting
  • A Jedi Painting
  • Darth Vader vs Obi Wan Kenobi Diorama
  • Dooku’s bust
  • Blue and Red glowing eyes
  • Lava Beetle Mount
  • Mustafarian Bunker

Progression System

The Progression System has arrived with gating for Mustafarian instances! Players can unlock new content areas after meeting server-wide prerequisites for the galaxy by working together under a unifying set of complex goals. The challenges of the Droid Army, Droid Factory Two, HK-47, and Sher Kar await the collective unlock of the community! Visit the Progression terminal at Mensix Mining Facility to check out the progress of the server as it updates.

Patch Notes:


  • General

    • Damage over time effects will proc at the following rates
      • Bleed - every 8 seconds
      • Poison - every 10 seconds
      • Disease - every 20 seconds
      • Fire - every 5 seconds
    • Fixed an issue preventing a player from using certain commands and skills while stunned.
    • Enabled weapon-specific damage exotics.
    • Increased the effectiveness of healing potency exotics.
    • Increased the impact of accuracy when your accuracy rating is superior to your opponent’s defense.
    • Reintroduced state recovery skills into the game! You can now clear your blind, dizzy, and stun states if you have the appropriate recovery skill.
  • Accuracy

    • Locomotion (movement) and Posture (physical positioning) now have an effect on Accuracy and Defense rolls. The following is a list of different posture and movement bonuses or penalties. Players will want to consider their accuracy from skill tapes + their bonus accuracy based on posture and movement multiplied by what type of weapon they are holding. Then the opposite can be rolled for your defense. Weapon multipliers are:
      • Pistols / One-Hand / Unarmed x 1.25
      • Carbines / polearms x 1.5
      • Rifles / Two-Hand x 1.75
      • Heavy Weapons / Flamethrowers x 2
  • Attack Speed

    • Adjusted the speed cap of every weapon type, so 0.5 is no longer the hard speed cap. Instead, they are as follows:
      • 0.8 modified for Teras Kasi / Unarmed
      • 0.9 modified for flamethrowers
      • 1.0 modified for pistols and 1-handed weapons
      • 1.15 modified for carbines and polearms
      • 1.3 modified for rifles and 2-handed weapons
      • 1.45 modified for heavy weapons
    • The Adrenal Boost skill from a Doctor, and the Double Time ability from Squad Leader, will reduce your combat speed by 0.25 and 0.5, respectively. This will not change your weapon-modified speed, instead, it will reduce your cooldown timers. Your cooldown timer is calculated as your modified attackspeed + your ability cooldown. Your execute timer is your modified attack speed + the execution time of the ability.
  • Battle Fatigue

    • The Battle Fatigue mechanic has been implemented. Battle Fatigue is generated over time while engaged in combat and produces negative effects on your character based on the amount of fatigue.
    • Your HAM (Health, Action, and Mind) regeneration will be depleted when you reach 200 Battle Fatigue by a rate of 0.25% per point, up to a maximum reduction of 25%.
    • The efficacy of cast heals is reduced by up to 75% when you have full battle fatigue (1000 points).
    • Combat Medic, Master Medic, and Doctor now have a new skill modifier, "healing shock," in their trees that mitigates the effects of Battle Fatigue on their healing.
    • You can heal Battle Fatigue in the following ways:
      • /sit anywhere to rest: 4 points per 10 seconds
      • /sit in a camp: 10 points per 10 seconds
      • Watching an entertainer: 16 points per 10 seconds
      • Watching an entertainer in a camp: 26 points per 10 seconds
  • Death Cybernetics

    • A bug preventing cybernetics from properly attaching to your character when you rolled for one after cloning has been resolved.
    • A helper popup message explaining that a cybernetic has been attached after you cloned and providing instructions on removing it will now display the first time a death cybernetic is applied to your character.


  • Thyferran Buffs now charge your bank account
  • Droids can now be charged with batteries from your backpack.
  • An issue with droids not allowing you to purchase a Thyferran Buff when they have available battery power has been resolved.
  • A bug that allowed droids to be used in combat when out of battery has been resolved.
  • Droids now lose 1% battery when told to attack an invalid target.
  • 3rd character slot content bugs have been resolved.
  • Furniture colors have been re-added
  • The Restoration Lava Skiff collection has been moved to a safe place somewhere else in the galaxy. The limited-time “Mustafarian Skiff” is no longer available in-game. The collection will now offer the desert skiff as the reward.
  • Etinoca Real Estate has been established in the galaxy. Read more here.


  • Artisan

    • A bug that caused factories and harvesters to double charge their re-deed cost has been fixed.
    • The Interplanetary Survey Droid now functions properly for all resource types.
  • Brawler

    • Parry Riposte duration was increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Carbineer

    • Added a new suppression fire effect that creates a "slow down" effect between the attacker and defender. The effect acts as if there was a hill between the combatants, with the attacker at the top and the defender at the bottom. The area of the effect is a cone between the attacker and defender. The "hill" will be maintained between the combatants even if they move.
    • The range of Scatter Shot has been limited to 32m, its damage modifier has been increased to 2.0 from 1.5, and its Mind cost has been increased from 2 to 3.
  • Commando

    • Fixed the special effects of grenades.
    • The Burn Down and It Burns abilities are now restricted to only be usable while a Heavy Weapon is equipped.
    • Commando DOT abilities no longer have a warmup timer.
    • The Deadbang Shot ability now has a range of 42 meters with a 70-degree cone effect and a 2.0 damage modifier.
    • The Focus Fire ability now relies on your weapon range, with a 35-degree cone effect and a 1.7 damage modifier.
    • Flamethrowers now properly treat all attacks as cone Area of Effect (AoE).
    • The cooldown for Stand Fast is now 60 seconds.
    • Heavy Weapon Proc Effects now ignore defenses and apply as follows:
      • Heavy Acid Beams blind chance changes based on distance
      • Lightning Beam Cannon has a chance to apply a Fire Dot, and also it can snare a vehicle.
      • Rocket Launchers apply a Knockdown.
      • Flamethrowers apply a DoT Effect.
        [*[Heavy Particle applies a Stun Effect.
  • Combat Medic

    • Combat Medic Shock Debuff now works for Knockdown defense.
    • Increased the damage of deuterium toss and neurotoxin.
    • Infect now generates Battle Fatigue on the enemy, and its wound effectiveness has been increased.
  • Creature Handler

    • Fixed a bug related to charge/spit/kick skills that would prevent the handler from using any abilities while these skills were on CD.
    • Fixed a bug with the spit skill that prevented using any other abilities due to the high Mind cost.
    • Added a Global Cool Down between a Creature Handler's pet skills, so it’s no longer possible to macro queue all skills simultaneously.
    • Added a 12-second cool down to the soothing comfort ability.
  • Doctor

    • Disinfect, Extinguish Fire, Counter Toxin, and Bandage now properly reduce the severity of DoTs.
  • Marksman

    • The Lethal Shot skill's damage modifier has been increased from 1.5 to 1.7, and its Action Cost has been lowered from 13 to 12.
  • Pikeman

    • Added a new standard version of Intimidate to Defensive Techniques I (Improved Intimidate remains in Defensive Techniques III).
    • Added an Advanced Intimidate ability to Master Pikeman, which acts as an AoE Intimidate that will reduce enemy damage by 35%.
    • Moved Area Taunt from the Swordsman profession to the Pukeman's Stances Tree to match Pikeman's intended role as an AoE Tank.
  • Pistoleer

    • The Body Shot ability's damage modifier has been increased from 1.5 to 1.6, and its action cost has been reduced from 15 to 14.
    • The Quick Draw ability's damage modifier has been increased from 1.2 to 1.4, and now has a special effect that makes it the fastest ability in-game between cooldown and execution.
    • The duration of the Warning Shot ability has increased from 15 seconds to 45 seconds, and its defensive penalty has been increased from 80 to 140.
    • The duration of Disarming Shot has been changed to 12 seconds.
  • Rifleman

    • The Sniper Shot ability now includes an accuracy bonus of 150 points.
  • Swordsman

    • The damage modifier of the Power Attack ability has been increased from 2.0 to 2.5.
    • Fixed an issue that would make Armor Break Slice completely negate the effects of Armor Break.
    • Greatly increased the damage bonus of berserk.
    • You can heal now while under a berserk effect, but you will also take increased damage.
  • Smuggler

    • The damage modifier of the Reckless Shot ability has been increased from 1.4 to 1.7.
    • The Panic Shot ability now uses a 40-degree cone that lasts 12 seconds.
    • The Overwhelming Shot ability now works against Knockdown Resistance.
  • Teras Kasi Artist

    • Moved "Honed Center of Being" from Balance I to Balance III.
    • Added an Improved Center of Being, which provides a 600 defense rating, 15% damage reduction, and 10% damage output reduction.


  • A bug allowing AI ships to spawn on top of themselves and/or without random axial rotation and distancing has been resolved.
  • Credit chip payouts from kills in space have been adjusted to have no minimum payout.
  • Chasis Dealers now offer 30% fewer credits for Space Parts.
  • The /beacon command should now work properly.

User Interface

  • The Command Browser now displays a command's disallowed locomotions and states.
  • The Overhead Map now adds additional spacing between overlapping text labels for readability.
  • The maximum zoom multiplier on the free chase camera has been limited to 3x.
  • When a player is watching an entertainer or listening to a musician and has reached the maximum inspiration buff duration, a (Ready for Buff) label will persist above their heads until they have been buffed or stop watching/listening to the entertainer.
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