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Salvage or Die

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  • This quest is part of the Champion of Mustafar questline.

    Level: 75
    Foreman Chivos has informed you that the core to the mining facility is being overworked. The power rods have already been replaced several times and the core will not last long enough to get a new shipment of the rods before it completely shuts down. The miners recently uncovered the remains of an Old Republic cruiser that crashed into the central volcano. The leaders of the Mustafarian salvage bandits are using power rods as a makeshift scepter. With the lack of apparent rods in the area you will need to take one of these scepters which uses the same power rods as the facility. Chivos wants you to scour the area and see if you can salvage some power rods that are in good enough shape to hold the reactor over until a shipment of new rods come in.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Investigate Crashed Capital Ship​

    Foreman Chivos seems convinced that extra power rods can be found around the crashed capital ship. Travel to the crashed ship and see if you can locate any of these rods. He has told you that the central volcano can be reached by a bridge that connects the burning plains to the volcano.

    Head to the Crashed Site Excavation Point of Interest(POI), north of the Mensix Mining Facility.
    /way Mustafar 160 455 Crash Site;

    Once you arrive, the quest updates to the next step.

    Investigate Crashed Capital Ship (Part 2)​

    In order to hold the facility over until a shipment can come in the miners need four power rods. Search the area for Power Rod Core Housings to see if any are still intact.

    You will need to collect four power rods.
    • Three of these can be found around the crashed capital ship
    • One can be looted from a Salvage Bandit chief
      • The Salvage Bandit Chief is CL 75
    /way Mustafar 191 106 Salvage Bandit Chief;
    /way Mustafar 137 660 Power Rod Core Housing 1;
    /way Mustafar 139 259 Power Rod Core Housing 2;
    /way Mustafar 145 104 Power Rod Core Housing 3;

    Once you have collected all four power rods, your quest will update, and you will need to return to Foreman Chivos.
    /way Mustafar 334 -1125 Foreman Chivos;

    He will send you along to Milo Mensix, who will give you the next quest in the questline.
    /way Mustafar 301 -1224 Milo Mensix;

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