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Symbols of Chu-Gon Dar

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  • This quest is part of the planet Mustafar content

    You can start this quest by speaking to Ithes Olok in the Mensix Mining Facility.
    /way Mustafar 435 -1215 Ithes Olok;

    Level: 75
    Doctor Ithes Olok has asked you to help gather data for his research. In exchange for your assistance, he has offered to share some of his findings with you.
    Recommended combat level: 75 and higher

    Conversation with Ithes Olok

    Ithes Olok: What? Oh, you must be the new courier. Just put the papers over there. I'll look at them later.
    PC: Sorry, I'm not a courier.
    Ithes Olok: I see. Well, never mind about the papers then. What can I do for you? Make it quick though. I'm quite busy.
    PC: What is it you're doing here?
    Ithes Olok: Ah. You are interested in the research of the famous Dr. Olok, are you? I knew you had a keen mind as soon as you walked in. Of course, I would be happy to explain it all to you in full detail. If you have a couple of hours we could...
    PC: Famous Doctor Olok?
    Ithes Olok: Yes, that's right. Doctor Ithes Olok. The foremost researcher whenever Jedi and Force-related artifacts are involved.
    PC: Oh...uh, the FAMOUS Dr. Olok, right.
    Ithes Olok: Right. Now, I'm sure you've heard of the legend of Chu-Gon Dar, correct?
    PC: Refresh my memory.
    Ithes Olok: Chu-Gon Dar was a Jedi Master that lived thousands of years ago during the era of the Old Republic. He resided at the Jedi Temple here on Mustafar and his knowledge and understanding of the Physical Force was unmatched by any other.
    PC: Go on.
    Ithes Olok: Well, you see, the legend goes on to say that using his vast understanding, he created a device. A device designed to channel and manipulate the Physical Force.
    PC: What does the device do?
    Ithes Olok: The details are a little fuzzy there, but from what I can tell, it was meant to alter the physical properties of the items that were placed inside of it. Apparently, this sometimes produced interesting results.
    PC: Interesting results?
    Ithes Olok: The device is said to have worked off the principle that the Force flows through all things, both animate and inanimate. If the proper items are placed in the device, and the Physical Force altered in a certain way, it is theoretically possible to merge those items into something entirely new!
    PC: What does any of this have to do with your research?
    Ithes Olok: Ah yes, the exciting part. After the fall of the Old Republic, the Jedi Temple was abandoned. Eventually, it collapsed due to the violent nature of this planet, and the device and its secrets were lost.
    PC: Yes, and?
    Ithes Olok: And...a recent excavation of the Jedi Temple ruins revealed a hidden underground storage chamber. It was filled with hundreds of these small cubes you see here. I believe that these cubes are duplicates of the device that Chu-Gon Dar created so many years ago.
    PC: Really? Do they work?
    Ithes Olok: To be honest, I don't know. These cubes do radiate strongly with the power of the Physical Force, and they do seem hollow inside. I just can't seem to get any of them open. However...
    PC: However what?
    Ithes Olok: We did find some ancient scrolls in the temple ruins along with the cubes. I think that they may provide the information that we need, but there are a couple of symbols used that I don't quite understand. I need to know more about these symbols in order to read the scrolls.
    PC: Is there anything that I can do to help?
    Ithes Olok: Actually, there is. I've seen symbols like these before, while surveying some Old Republic ruins to the south of this facility. I didn't think much about it at the time, but I believe if I could get some notes about the symbols there, we might understand more about this scroll.
    PC: What do you need me to do?
    Ithes Olok: I'm no spry hatchling anymore. I can't quite get around as well as I used to, and all my assistants are out in the field already. I need you to go take some notes from three of the symbol stones at the Old Republic ruins down to the south.
    PC: I think I can do that.
    Ithes Olok: That's excellent news! If I can make sense of what you bring back, I'll make sure you share in the findings!

    Find the Ruins​

    Doctor Olok has given you a general idea about where the Old Republic ruins are located. Travel south of the mining facility and see if you can find the exact location of the ruins.
    The ruins are located at /way Mustafar 326 -2975 Ruins

    Locate the Tablets​

    You need to locate and copy down the three ancient tablets that are found somewhere around the Old Republic ruins.

    There are three ancient tablets to find in the area. They are located at waypoints:
    /way Mustafar 336 -2981 Ancient Tablet #1;
    /way Mustafar 329 -3023 Ancient Tablet #2;
    /way Mustafar 262 -3021 Ancient Tablet #3;

    Return the Notes​

    Return to Doctor Olok and give him the notes that you copied from the Old Republic ruins.
    Ithes Olok: Ah, the intrepid archaeologist has returned! Were you able to find the Old Republic ruins? Did you take the notes from the symbol stones?
    PC: Yes. I have them for you right here.
    Ithes Olok: Excellent! Let me see. Hmm, now to compare it to the scroll. Ah...of course, that's what that means. It all makes sense now. Would you like to see how it works? Let me show you. Take this cube. You can keep it. I have plenty others. Oh, and these three objects.
    PC: OK. What do I do?
    Ithes Olok: I've initialized the cube so that it can be opened. Just open it like you might any other container and place the items that I gave you inside.
    PC: I see. Then what?
    Ithes Olok: Once the items are inside, close the cube and then activate it using the radial interface there on the cube.
    PC: OK, then what?
    Ithes Olok: Then you should have a brand-new item inside! Significantly different from the original items that you put in there. Isn't that marvelous!
    PC: Is there anything else I should know?
    Ithes Olok: Just remember that you must combine exactly three items in the cube. It won't work with only one or two. And you will not be able to combine every single item. Only certain items that have an appropriate Force alignment will work in the cube. Does that make sense?
    PC: Yes. Thank you for the explanation.
    Ithes Olok: No, thank you for all your help! Good luck out there!

    For a job well done, you're given you're very own Chu-Gon Dar Cube and a few glowing items, Doctor Olok strongly encouraging you to insert said items into your newly obtained cube and see for yourself how it functions.

    • XP
    • Chu-Gon Dar Cube
    • Barely Glowing Old Cup
    • Barely Glowing Datapad
    • Barely Glowing Worklight