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    You're far too trusting. Dantooine is too remote to make an effective demonstration, but don't worry. We will deal with your rebel friends soon enough.
    ―Grand Moff Tarkin, to Leia Organa aboard Death Star I

    Although home of the "abandoned" Rebel base, Dantooine is mostly known for it's dangerous creatures. Hunting groups routinely form to satisfy the nearly endless missions involved in saving this outpost or that farmstead from deadly attacks. The primitive Dantari inhabit Dantooine's rolling purple grasslands, and are rarely dangerous to adventurers unless provoked.

    Great caution should be exercised while exploring Dantooine, as Dark Jedi and certain caves are much more difficult than one might expect.

    NPC Cities​

    Dantooine lacks real cities, and only sports three small outposts. These are the Dantooine Imperial Outpost, the Dantooine Mining Outpost , and the Dantooine Pirate Outpost. They all have spaceports, as well as smaller versions of common city amenities (cloning facilities, cantinas etc.).


    Dantooine has no real buildings, aside from the ones in the outposts, so its architectural style can be considered generic. This style is available on all planets that accept player buildings.

    Player houses and buildings on Dantooine can be built in Naboo and Tatooine styles.


    Dantooine has many dangerous points of interest:
    • Abandoned Rebel Base
    • Dantari Rock Village
    • Dantari Village
    • Force Crystal Hunter's Cave
    • Jedi Temple Ruins
    • Janta Stronghold
    • Kunga Stronghold
    • Mokk Stronghold
    • The Warren


    • Bol
    • Graul
    • Huurton
    • Piket
    • Quenker
    • Thune
    • Voritor


    Dantooine has some feature quests, but is mostly a hunting planet:
    • Imperial Outpost Quests
    • Mol Ni'mai
    • The Warren
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