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    Shame we don't have more Corellians. We'd have the Imperials running for Coruscant in a blink.
    ―Wedge Antilles, to Biggs Darklighter before the Battle of Yavin

    Because of the prevalence of hyperspace routes through it, Corellia acts as the de-facto capital planet of the Star Wars Galaxies universe. Fiercely independent, the planet's tall skyscrapers and bustling cities host the CorSec police force, which helps maintain quasi-independence from The Empire.

    CorSec Squadron holds dominion over space control of the planet and frequently recruits freelance pilots to bolster their forces and deal with unexpected attacks. Those interested in joining CorSec Squadron should seek out Sergeant Rhea.

    Like its neighbor Talus, Corellia features bountiful grasslands, tall forests, and welcoming beaches, making it a frequent visitation spot by tourists and locals. However, secluded in its mountains are rumors of a hidden Rebel base, and terrorist organizations like the Drall, Nyax, and Afarathu make the planet unexpectedly dangerous.

    NPC Cities​

    Corellia has six NPC cities: Bela Vistal, Coronet, Doaba Guerfel, Kor Vella, Tyrena, and Vreni Island. Unlike the cities on Naboo, Tatooine, Rori, and Lok, Corellian cities are filled with towering skyscrapers and bright lights. Bela Vistal is the planet's Imperial stronghold, and Vreni Island is the planet's Rebel stronghold.

    Doaba Guerfel is one of three cities that celebrates Life Day.


    Corellian architecture is marked by tall skyscrapers featuring a distinctive curve at their tops. NPC cities vary from city to city; towns like Kor Vella and Vreni Island feature short grey buildings with slanted sides, while larger cities like Coronet and Tyrena feature more curved buildings with windows.

    Players can build Corellian Style Architecture on Talus and Corellia.


    Corellia features many sights to see:
    • Abandoned Bunker
    • Agrilat Swamp
    • Afarathu Cave
    • Corellia Stronghold
    • Crystal Fountain of Bela Vistal
    • Drall Patriot's Cave
    • Grand Theater of Vreni Island
    • Hidden Rebel Base
    • Lord Nyax's Cult
    • Rogue Corsec Base
    • Tactical Training Facility


    Note: Sharing the same Star System, most of the mobs on Corellia can also be found on Talus.

    • Bageraset
    • Canoid
    • Carrion Spat
    • Corellian Butterfly
    • Dalyrake
    • Decay Mite
    • Dire Cat
    • Durni
    • Gronda
    • Gubbur
    • Gulginaw
    • Gurrcat
    • Horned Krevol
    • Humbaba
    • Krahbu
    • Murra
    • Paralope
    • Rasp
    • Razor Cat
    • Scavenger Rat
    • Sharnaff
    • Slice Hound
    • Tabage
    • Vrelt
    • Vynock
    • Wrix


    Corellia has many popular quests to complete:
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