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  • Bossk is an NPC that offers quests for the player to complete. He has an arc towards the end of the legacy quests, but also offers his own questline.

    There are actually 2 different Bossk NPCs.
    1. Legacy Quest Arc version
    2. Chance Meetings questline version

    Legacy Quest Arc​

    The first Bossk NPC is a static spawn on Corellia, and is related to the legacy quests.
    /way Corellia -2638 2939 Bossk - Static Spawn;

    Legacy quests:
    • Bountied!
    • Bounty By Proxy

    You will use this version of Bossk to progress the legacy quest arc.

    You CANNOT use this NPC for starting or progressing the Chance Meetings questline.

    Chance Meetings Questline​

    The second Bossk NPC is a dynamic spawn on Tatooine, and is related to the Chance Meetings questline.

    Bossk spawns, in either the Mos Eisley or Bestine cantina, on Tatooine every 24.25 to 72 hours from the last time he spawned. He will stick around for 45 minutes before despawning.

    You will use this version of Bossk to progress the Chance Meetings questline.
    • You will most likely need to catch him a few times in order to complete it