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Chance Meetings

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  • Chance Meetings is a questline that can be started by finding and speaking to Bossk on Tatooine.

    Bossk spawns every 24.25 to 72 hours from the last time he spawned and sticks around for 45 minutes before despawning.

    It is made up of four quests, each of which require you to speak to Bossk to finish.

    If you are fast enough, you can complete multiple quests in a single spawn cycle!

    Conversation with Bossk​

    Once you find Bossk in the cantina in either, Mos Eisley or Bestine, speak to him to start his questline.

    Bossk: You don't look like much ta me, but I don't think that matters. If you need some work, I have some tasks that might not kill ya.
    You: I can handle anything you got.
    Bossk: Valarian has a mole in Jabba's palace who's stealing info on Jabba's spice shipments.
    You: Where do I come in?
    Bossk: Jabba's paying creds to anyone willing to take out some Valarian's people while looking for the barve who's selling secrets. Think you can handle it?
    You: I'm in.
    Bossk: OK, you're working for me now. The details have been uploaded to your journal. Take care of the job and you'll get your cut.

    Valarian's Mistake​

    Level: 1
    Description: Valarian was able to get one of Jabba's men to sell information on a spice smuggling run. Jabba's lost a lot of money because of this and wants to find the culprit.
    Recommended combat level: 15

    Informant's Location​

    Your orders are to eliminate Valarian's supporters until you find a clue pointing to the informant. A few dead bodies should provide a deterrent to future leaks.

    To complete this part of the quest, you need to eliminate Valarian named NPCs until you find a clue.

    You can do this be traveling to the Valarian Depot, west of Bestine, and killing the NPCs there. They are CL 9.
    /way tatooine -1584 -3332 Valarian Depot;

    You may also take missions that require you to kill Valarian NPCs from the Mission Terminal located in cities. The CL of the NPCs will scale to your level.

    Once you've found the clue, you will be given a waypoint and your quest will updated.

    Valarian's Informant​

    A datadisk found on one of the Valarian's former employees lists a time and location to get information on Jabba's next spice shipment. You are to attend that meeting instead and kill the informant.

    Navigate to the waypoint given, near the Jawa Traders Point of Interest.

    Once you arrive to the waypoint, a Valarian Enforcer will spawn and attack you. They are CL 12.

    Defeating them will complete the quest.

    • 200 Jabba faction points
    • 10,000 Credits
    You will need to find and speak to Bossk again to receive the next quest in the questline.

    Bossk: That Valarian traitor is dead. You aren't that pathetic after all. If you're looking for more work, I have another job that doesn't require a lot of brain power.
    You: Surprised you didn't take it then. What do you have?
    Bossk: Jabba's cookin' up a plan to get the Tuskens to attack Mos Eisley. Don't know why. Don't care. There is a problem though.
    You: What's the problem.
    Bossk: A Tusken scout's got wind of the plan and can blow the whole deal. You have to find him before he can report to his friends.
    You: How do I find him?
    Bossk: That's the fun part. Just start shooting some Sand People. They'll either get so mad they attack Mos Eisley anyway or you might find a clue to where he's hiding.
    You: Alright, I'm in.

    Tusken's Rage​

    Level: 30
    Description: Jabba and the Mayor of Mos Eisley are at odds. To put pressure on the Mayor, Jabba is hatching a plan to trick the Tuskens into attacking Mos Eisley. Unfortunately, one Tusken has found out the plan and will ruin the deal if he makes it back to his camp alive.
    Recommended combat level: 35

    Tusken Attack​

    Your task is to begin attacking the Tuskens so they think Mos Eisley's militia is responsible. Keep attacking until you find information that may lead to the one Tusken who knows the truth.

    To complete this part of the quest, you need to find to kill Tusken Raiders until you find a clue.

    You may need to kill a handful of Tusken Raiders until your quest updates. Once you find the clue your quest will update.

    Note: It seems like only Tusken Raiders at Fort Tusken are eligible for this. Tusken Raiders outside of Mos Eisley did not provide a Not Found prompt.

    /way tatooine -3980 6310 Fort Tusken;

    A Short Meeting​

    A clue found on one of the Tuskens points to a planned meeting with a trusted associate of the Sandpeople. Meet with this associate and see if you can find the location of the Tusken Jabba is looking for.

    You will be given a waypoint to a Jawa in Mos Espa. Navigate to the provided waypoint and your quest will update.

    Speak with Jawa​

    Speak with the informant to find the location of the tusken Jabba wants eliminated.

    Speak with the Jawa to update the quest.
    /way tatooine -2887 2590 Tusken Attack - a Jawa;

    a Jawa: Konee tewee riki noe bana kartinee.
    You: I'm not here to buy a droid. I'm looking for a Tusken.
    a Jawa: Brutaa nee kawanaa!
    You: He was here, but left? Did anyone meet him?
    a Jawa: Twee nu pataa.
    You: He didn't meet anyone. Good. Did you see which way he went?
    a Jawa: Konee tewee riki. Pataa keeni fornu. Twaaa nee riii gonaa!
    You: I don't want a droid. I just want to know which way he's headed.
    a Jawa: Keeni fortneew durni.

    Silence the Problem​

    The Jawa informant has shown you the direction the Tusken headed. You must find and eliminate him before he can inform his people of Jabba's plan to trick them into attacking Mos Eisley. Head to the waypoint and eliminate Jabba's security risk. Take care of this and you'll get your payment.

    Navigate to the waypoint given, near the Escape Pod Point of Interest.

    Once you arrive to the waypoint, a Tusken Berserker will spawn and attack you. They are CL 28.

    Defeating them will complete the quest.

    • 500 Jabba faction points
    • 20,000 Credits
    You will need to find and speak to Bossk again to receive the next quest in the questline.

    Bossk: Jabba's pleased with how the Tusken plan worked out. I have another job for you.
    You: What do you have in mind?
    Bossk: Jabba's got some kind of a bet with a cousin on Naboo or something. The bet is to see who can come up with the most interesting trophy.
    You: Trophy? Go on.
    Bossk: Hutts don't get out much, so it's up to you to find something shiny for 'em. If you're up for it, I've got just the place for you to look.
    You: I'm game. What's the plan?
    Bossk: Head out to Dathomir and hunt some Nightsisters until you loot something good. You'll know when it happens, and bring it to one of Jabba's couriers. The details are in your journal.

    Nightsister Trophy​

    Level: 80
    Description: The Illustrious Jabba has entered into a wager with one of his Hutt cousins. The wager is to see who can collect the most interesting trophy the fastest. Jabba is sending hunters out to many parts of the galaxy to accomplish this task.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Find a Suitable Trophy​

    You are to head to the area controlled by the Nightsisters. Kill them until you find a trophy that will satisfy Jabba.

    To complete this part of the quest, you need to kill Nightsisters until you find a shroud.

    You may need to kill a handful of Nightsisters until your quest updates. Once you find the shroud your quest will update.

    Note: Nightsisters are found on Dathomir, I recommend the Nightsister Forced Labor Camp Point of Interest for this quest.

    The Delivery​

    Locate Jabba's courier in the cantina in Wayfar, Tatooine and deliver the shroud.

    You will be given a waypoint to Stanic Wavingstar, a courier in Wayfar cantina. Navigate to the provided waypoint and speak with Stanic Wavingstar to update the quest.

    Stanic Wavingstar: You got the stuff?
    You: Right here. What do you think?
    Stanic Wavingstar: That's it? A Nightsister shroud? I got my kids a set of these for Life Day. This ain't going to cut it.
    You: So what should I get?
    Stanic Wavingstar: Tell you what. You get a shroud off of a Nightsister Elder, and then we're talking. Those are rare.
    You: Alright. An Elder it is.
    Stanic Wavingstar: Sounds good. Say, wasn't Bossk supposed to be handling this...oh well, what do I care. Try to not die.

    The Shroud​

    A Nightsister shroud is a rare trophy, but an Elder's Shroud will be what Jabba wants. Return and locate a Nightsister Elder. Once she is dead return to the informant with the shroud.

    You will need to return to Dathomir and kill a Nightsister Elder, CL 82 Boss. There is a permanent Elder spawn at the Nightsister Stronghold, and Elders are also known to spawn around the Imperial Prison Point of Interest on Dathomir.

    Once you kill a Nightsister Elder, your quest will update.

    The Delivery II​

    Hopefully this will be good enough for Jabba. Return to the courier in the cantina at Wayfar, Tatooine and deliver the goods.

    Return to Stanic Wavingstar in Wayfar cantina and speak with him again.

    Stanic Wavingstar: Hey, you're back! You get the goods?
    You: Right here. An Elder's Shroud.
    Stanic Wavingstar: Oh yes, this is nice work. Very nice. I'll get this right to Jabba's. Good work. Here, take this. I know what you're saying. It's just a crummy carbine, blah blah blah, but this one's top of the line! I know Jabba's going to toss me a little extra for this one and Bossk is making a mint off this deal. I know what you're getting paid and I kinda feel bad...
    You: What???
    Stanic Wavingstar: Uh, right. Forget I said that, la la la. Enjoy the gift! Run along, I have work to do!

    After your conversation, the quest completes.

    • 1,000 Jabba faction points
    • 50,000 Credits
    • Hair-Trigger Carbine
    You will need to find and speak to Bossk again to receive the final quest in the questline. This will be the final time you will need to catch Bossk.

    Bossk: Still alive, huh? I have more work for you.
    You: If you've got another job, I'll listen.
    Bossk: You know about the Blacksun, right? Jabba's got a guy on the inside, but his cover's probably blown.
    You: He's probably dead. What you want me to do?
    Bossk: Jabba wants to know more about them. How strong. How many. He wants to send some blasters out there to test their strength.
    You: What about Jabba's informant?
    Bossk: You dig up any intel on the guy, let me know. Frankly, I don't care but Jabba may pay extra. You on board?
    You: I'm on board.
    Bossk: The info is in your journal. Don't get killed before you get some info I can use.

    Troublesome Influences​

    Level: 60
    Description: Worried that the Blacksun may try to expand their influence, Jabba has paid an informant for details of their operation. Unfortunately the informant was discovered.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    The Test​

    Jabba wants you to set up some skirmishes to test the Blacksun's strength. The Deathwatch Bunker should be just the place. Keep an eye out for any information that may lead to Jabba's informant.

    To complete this part of the quest, you need to kill Blacksun NPCs.

    You may need to kill a handful of Blacksun until your quest updates.

    Note: Blacksun NPCs are found on either Endor or Yavin IV.
    • Endor: Death Watch Bunker
    • Yavin IV: North of the Imperial Base
    /waypoint endor -4680 4330 Death Watch Bunker;
    /waypoint yavin 3998 -4895 Area where Blacksun Spawn;

    The Meet​

    Head to the where the informant is hiding and protect him from the Blacksun assassin.

    You will be given a waypoint to the Wayfar cantina on Tatooine. Navigate to the waypoint.

    Once you arrive to the waypoint, a Black Sun Minion will spawn and attack you. They are CL 54.

    Defeating them will update the quest.

    Speak to Informant​

    Talk to the informant inside the cantina and let him know it's safe.

    Speak with Stanic Wavingstar.

    Stanic Wavingstar: I can't thank you enough. That assassin would have done me in. I'm no fighter like you. I knew I shouldn't have given away that carbine.
    You: So you're the informant too?
    Stanic Wavingstar: Yes, it was me all along but I'd prefer it if you kept this just between us. Jabba might be... annoyed if he found out I was getting two pay checks if ya know what I mean. I know you're getting paid for this already but I want you to have this as a token of thanks. There are tiny servos in these gloves that vibrate to counteract any shaking by the wearer. They're great for when you're quaking in your boots.

    This completes the quest and the questline.

    • 2,000 Jabba faction points
    • 100,000 Credits
    • Microservo Enhanced Gloves