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Get Inoculated

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  • This quest is part of the Quarantine Zone Theme Park questline.

    Level: 5
    Find the person responsible for inoculating survivors.
    Recommended combat level: 10

    Enter Quarantine Zone​

    Go to the quarantine zone entrance to gain access.

    Enter the Quarantine Zone by talking to Lieutenant Liam Waurie at the given waypoint.

    Lieutenant Liam Waurie: The quarantine zone is a restricted area, citizen.
    You: I have authorization to enter.
    Lieutenant Liam Waurie: What? Let me see your authorization code.
    You: Here...
    Lieutenant Liam Waurie: Well, I see. Everything checks out. I can't say that I envy you, but I certainly appreciate what you are doing for the Empire...whatever you are doing.
    You: Can I go?
    Lieutenant Liam Waurie: Of course. Open the gate!

    After your conversation with Lieutenant Liam Waurie, the quest updates.

    Find the Camp​

    Go to the refugee camp and find out who is inoculating survivors.

    Once inside, head to the nearby Refugee Camp.
    /way dathomir -5924 559 -6673 Refugee Camp

    Once you've reached the camp, the quest updates.

    Note: You may start the Camp Alpha Items collection and/or the mission Forward Watch, Alpha Camp if you wish.

    Get Inoculated​

    Have Zahara Cody inoculate you for the mission. The anti-virus she provides will only last for a short time, though, so seek medical droids in the area to renew your anti-virus.

    Speak with Dr. Zahara Cody to inoculate you for the mission.

    She will give you a 60 minute buff supposed to defend you against the latest strain of the Blackwing Virus. If your buff expires, return to the camp and talk to the 2-1B Surgical Droid and he will provide you with the anti-virus buff.

    Without this buff, you will have a debuff that will lower your stats when you are in the Quarantine Zone.

    Zahara Cody:
    I don't think I have seen you before.
    You: Are you distributing the anti-virus?
    Zahara Cody: Yes, I am Dr. Zahara Cody and this is Trig Longo.
    You: You are from the research facility?
    Zahara Cody: You mean where this disaster started? No. We managed to get into the quarantine zone a few days after it started...of course, it wasn't as wide spread as it is now...
    You: Do you know a lot about the virus?
    Zahara Cody: When I was assigned to work on a prison barge for the Empire, we encountered this virus, or a close cousin, on what was believed to be an abandoned Star Destroyer. Apparently the virus had wiped out the crew of Destroyer. Once we sent a boarding party it quickly wiped out most of the prison ship.
    You: By wiped out you mean?
    Zahara Cody: Clinically, the patient dies and the virus takes over the motor functions of the host. This results in a strong urge to eat.
    You: Oh, uh...I see.
    Zahara Cody: Was there anything else you wanted to ask?
    You: Are you saying the insane...things, are dead?
    Zahara Cody: The host is dead, the virus is very much alive--and semi-intelligent.
    You: Semi-intelligent?
    Zahara Cody: We found that where the virus is most concentrated, in this case, where it is being released at the facility, is where the most dangerous undead reside. In some cases undead can wield weapons.
    You: Oh...great.
    Zahara Cody: Was there anything else you wanted to ask?
    You: Where is the anti-virus coming from?
    Zahara Cody: The anti-virus is actually easily synthesized. It was created was originally based on my immunity and synthesized by my assistant aboard the prison barge.
    You: Your assistant. I gather your assistant didn't make it?
    Zahara Cody: It was a 2-1B Surgical Droid destroyed by the afflicted. Was there anything else you wanted to ask?
    You: Have you heard of other survivors?
    Zahara Cody: Yes. Since we arrived at camp volunteers have been sent to search for survivors and distribute the anti-virus.
    You: We?
    Zahara Cody: Trig and I. Trig has more information regarding the other camps. You may want to speak with him.
    You: Great. I will.
    Zahara Cody: Were there any other questions?
    You: Is there any good news?
    Zahara Cody: Well, there is the anti-virus, though it doesn't provide permanent immunity to this latest strain of the virus. There is also the chance that a percentage of the population has an immunity gene.
    You: Immunity gene?
    Zahara Cody: The virus has a mortality rate of about 99.7% so there is a possibility of surviving using natural defenses alone. Were there any other questions?
    You: I don't have any other questions
    Zahara Cody: Make sure to talk to Trig if you want to know more about the research facility. Now, relax your arm while I give you the anti-virus.

    After the conversation, the quest completes and starts the next quest.

    Reward: XP

    Following Quest: Speak to Trig >>