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Imperial Spy

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  • This quest is part of the Imperial Theme Park questline.

    Level: 85
    An Imperial officer is rumored to be aiding the Rebel Alliance. Track down this officer and use his treachery to aid the Empire.

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Find the Traitor​

    An Imperial officer is rumored to be aiding the Rebel Alliance. First you must identify which officer is the traitor.
    • You are given three tasks to complete:
      • Investigate The Guard Towers
      • Check the Requisition Terminal
      • Speak with the Pilot

    Investigate The Guard Towers​

    Examine the guard towers surrounding the retreat for evidence of unauthorized entry.
    • Surrounding the Emperor's Retreat are eight guard towers with access panels
    • Navigate to each guard tower and click on the access panel until the task is complete
    /way naboo 2537 -3881 Access Panel 1;
    /way naboo 2371 -4097 Access Panel 2;
    /way naboo 2122 -4181 Access Panel 3;
    /way naboo 1710 -3675 Access Panel 4;
    /way naboo 1908 -4021 Access Panel 5;
    /way naboo 2174 -3697 Access Panel 6;
    /way naboo 2341 -3560 Access Panel 7;
    /way naboo 2551 -3646 Access Panel 8;

    Check the Requisition Terminal​

    Use the supply requisition terminal and find out who procured a jamming device that was discovered on an Imperial AT-ST.
    • Inside of the building, there will be an Imperial equipment requisition terminal
      • All you need to do is click it to complete this task
    /way naboo 2402 -3924 Imperial equipment requisition terminal;

    Speak with the Pilot​

    One of the shuttle pilots claims to have seen someone tampering with the Imperial shuttle. Speak with him and get a description of the person her saw.
    • Outside the building, there will be a pilot sitting down near the shuttle, ''DS-779''
      • Speak with him to learn about the saboteur and complete this task
    /way naboo 2447 -3898 DS-126 - Imperial Pilot;

    DS-779: Greetings citizen. What brings you to this exclusive retreat at which you probably have no legitimate business?
    You: Tell me about the person you saw tampering with the shuttle?
    DS-779: Who? Oh yes. Just the other day I saw an officer tampering with the landing gear on the shuttle. He ran off when I called to him, so I didn't get a good look. I did see his rank; he was an Imperial major.

    Once all three of the tasks are complete, you will get a comm-message from Kaja Or'Zee and the quest updates.

    Kaja Or'Zee: Comm-message - Based on the information you uncovered, we have identified the traitor: Major Barret Herand. You must now eliminate this spy. Go to his office and access his personal data terminal. This should get his attention.

    Eliminate the Traitor​

    Use the Imperial officer's personal data terminal in his office and download all personal information. It is unlikely that this action will go unnoticed.
    • You will need to go to the bottom floor of the building and locate a data terminal.
      • You will need to take the elevator down to reach the bottom floor
    • Once you find the data terminal, click it and you will receive a message; "You hear footsteps approaching.".
      • This will cause two CL80 Imperial Traitors to spawn and attack you
      • After you defeat them, another CL80 Imperial Traitor spawns and Major Barret Herand, who is a CL81 Elite
    • After defeating Major Barret Herand, your quest will update.
    /way naboo 2399 -3891 Elevator to Lower Level;
    /way naboo 2393 -3914 Data Terminal;

    Report to Kaja Or'Zee​

    Report your success to Kaja Or'Zee.
    • Return to Kaja Or'Zee and speak with her

    This completes the quest. Continue your conversation to move onto the next quest.


    Kaja Or'Zee: We wish to track down Major Herand's contacts here on Naboo. Using his codes, send a signal from the communication array asking for help escaping from Naboo.
    You: I'll handle it immediately.
    Kaja Or'Zee: The message should say that you suspect your cover has been compromised and that you need immediate help escaping the planet. Then track them and eliminate them. Gather any intel from their camp that you can.