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  • The Legacy Quest​

    The Legacy quest is a lengthy, multi-legged, multi-planet adventure that can serve as a more or less continuous storyline when leveling a character. The questline begins on Tatooine, and can take you all the way through Nym's Themepark if you follow the entire path in chronological order. During the course of this adventure, you will gain valuable experience, plentiful rewards, and the chance to see some of the most iconic locations and characters in the Star Wars galaxy. Designed for the NGE and refined for the CU, the Legacy quest can be picked up and put down at any time in your Galaxies experience and you are not bound to completing it if you wish to level elsewhere.

    New player receive the quest from the New Player NPC Gendra near the theater in Mos Eisley.

    The Legacy quest is the same as it was on live, meaning external guides will be accurate.