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Look for Clues

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  • This quest is part of the Quarantine Zone Theme Park questline.

    Level: 90
    Use the command console to see if there are any clues.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Look for Dr. Jin's Body​

    Search the bodies in his office. Maybe Jin's body is here.

    Enter the room with the 6 Cryogenic Storage Units and you will notice that there are 2 dead scientists on the ground. Click on both of their bodies to update the quest and get a comm-message from someone new.
    /way dathomir -7280 536 -7461 Dead Scientist 1;
    /way dathomir -7299 536 -7477 Dead Scientist 1;

    Dr. Nomi Rhane: Comm-message - Hello? Come in? Is someone there? Please help us. Use the command console.

    Command Console​

    Use the command console in Doctor Jin's office.

    Head to the Command Console and click on Blinking Comm Light. You will receive another comm-message from Dr. Nomi Rhane.
    /way dathomir -7286 536 -7451 Command Console;

    Dr. Nomi Rhane: Comm-message - Our console is damaged. If possible, I need you to shut down the facility ventilation. I repeat, use the console to stop the virus from venting topside.

    This updates the quest.

    Shut Off Ventilation​

    Use the command console in Doctor Jin's office.

    Click on the Command Console again and click on Search for Ventilation Systems, then Emergency External Ventilation, and then System Override. This completes the quest.

    You will get a comm-message from Dr. Nomi Rhane and the next quest.

    Dr. Nomi Rhane: Comm-message - Some of the ventillation shafts are blocked. I hate to think of how. You will need to shut them manually. Give me a few moments and I'll send you the vent waypoints.

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