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Melon Enthusiast

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  • Melon Enthusiast is a quest that can be started by talking with Ide J' (a Drunk Gungan) in Theed Cantina on Naboo.
    He doesn't have a respawn timer, so you can visit him anytime.
    Since the Gungan is Drunk he will talk with anyone.

    This quest is a Restoration mini-event, it isn't related to jedi. It also won't go in your quest journal.

    Conversation with Ide J'​

    Ide J' (a Drunk Gungan): *Hiccup* Messa been lookin' long time for Melons *hiccup*. Yeah youssa might be sayin' melons!
    You: Melons, and a farmer huh? Right... I'll get right on that.
    Ide J' (a Drunk Gungan): I need my melons... Go find a Maroj Melon *hiccup* seller, they hassa the besta melons!

    Looking for a Farmer​

    The Farmers name is Sedton Yubeth, he has have many appearances(might be a skinwalker even).
    Farmer can appear in Keren(Naboo), Tyrena(Corellia), Mos Espa(Tatooine), Dearic(Talus).


    Conversation with Sedton Yubeth​

    If the farmer still has melons in his stock, which is 10 per spawn, he will offer you to buy a melon. You can buy only 1 per character until next respawn.

    Sedton Yubeth (a Farmer): Hello, I have a Maroj Melon farm. I'm one of the last farmers in the galaxy... Would you care to buy one? I have very limited supply so they go for 10,000 credits each.
    You: idk
    Sedton Yubeth (a Farmer): Here's one Maroj Melon for 10,000 credits! Enjoy. No returns.

    If he's out of stock then you will hear this:

    Sedton Yubeth (a Farmer): I'm sorry to tell you this but I'm actually out of stock for now. Come find me later, I may have some more then.
    You: Aren't Maroj Melons the only thing you sell?
    Sedton Yubeth (a Farmer): They're so delicious so i sell them very fast. Why else would i be out of stock?

    After obtaining Maroj Melon, return to Ide J'.

    Returning to Ide J'​

    Ide J' (a Drunk Gungan): *Hiccup* Messa been lookin' long time for Melons *hiccup*. Yeah youssa might be sayin' melons! Bring me more Melons... I need 50, so far you've turned in 1. *hiccup* Times a wasten.

    Simply repeat the process until you get 50 Melons.

    The Orange 50 and conversation with Ide J'​

    Congratulations, you have bought 50 melons for 500,000 credits. That was a good investment.
    Converse with Gungan to finish this quest.

    Ide J' (a Drunk Gungan): *Hickup* Messa got a secret... *hiccup*
    You: ... (What a drunk), What's your secret?
    Ide J' (a Drunk Gungan): Messa secret is... MESSA *hickup* lovin' Melons! *hiccup*. Thimble tella me notta to be *hiccup* sharen' that though.

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