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Player Cities

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  • Player Cities

    A Player city is a type of city established and maintained by players. The mayor administers a player city through the city control panel in the archive room of the city hall.


    The steps to establishing a player city are:

    • Place a deed for a City Hall on a planet that has not reached:
      • 20 cities on Corellia, Naboo, or Tatooine
      • 50 cities on Dantooine, Lok, Rori, or Talus
    • Not closer than 1500m of another player city
    • The character with which you place the City Hall deed will automatically declare its residence as the City Hall.
    • Four additional characters must place a house within 150 meters of City Hall and declare residence within 24 hours.

    Rank Levels

    • City rank updates weekly, depending on when the city was founded and at the earliest city pulse thereafter (happens every few hours).
    • Upgrades can only happen one at a time, same with city downgrades
    • Player city rank is determined by citizenship and enables the following civic structures:

    RankTitleCitizensRadiusEnabled civic structures
    16 declared​
    250 mSmall gardens
    24 declared​
    350 mMedium gardens, Bank, Garage, Cantina
    32 declared​
    500 mLarge gardens, Cloning facility, Hospital
    48 declared​
    600 mShuttleport, Theater
    64 declared​
    800 m

    The exact time for the city update can be determined from the City Terminal located in City Hall. Before taxation and city maintenance, the city rank and citizenship are validated. If the city has enough citizens to advance, the city is promoted. If the city does not have enough citizens to maintain its current rank, it is demoted. The Mayor is notified of any changes in city rank.

    Player city rank caps

    PlanetTotal cities allowedRank 3 or higherRank 4 or higher
    Corellia, Naboo, Tatooine201510
    Dantooine, Lok, Rori, Talus503020

    Terminal and Trainer Caps

    City RankMax TerminalsMax Trainers


    Decorations can be placed in a city of any rank by the mayor. Placement and maintenance fees are paid by the city treasury. Decorations are statues, fountains, streetlamps, potted trees, and banners.

    Civic structures

    Civic structures can be placed in a city that meet the required city rank by the mayor. Maintenance fees are paid by the city treasury.
    Bank2. Village
    Cloning3. Township
    Garage2. Village
    Small Garden1. Outpost
    Medium Garden2. Village
    Large Garden3. Township
    Shuttleport4. City
    Citizen-placed:ProfessionCity RankLots
    CantinaMaster Dancer/Master Musician2. Village5
    HospitalMaster Doctor/Master Combat Medic3. Township3
    TheaterMaster Dancer/Master Musician4. City3


    • /grantZoningRights - This can be done by either the Mayor or Militia members. It can sometimes be done remotely, but often times it requires both parties to be inside the city, and the Mayor/Militia member needs to have the prospective citizen selected in order to work properly.
    • /installMissionTerminal - The mission terminal will be installed facing in the direction the Mayor is facing when the terminal is selected
    • /recruitSkillTrainer


    A specialization gives the city a bonus in some area for an increased cost in city maintenance. Different city specializations are available provided the city is of sufficient rank (minimum of Rank 3). A city can have only one specialization at a time and may only be changed once a week (to take effect with the next city update). Once a specialization is put into effect, it remains until the mayor changes or removes it.

    Clone Labthe cost of clone insurance is reduced by 20%
    DNA Laboratory3 hours reduction per incubation session
    Encore PerformanceStoryteller items last an extra 12 hours
    Entertainment DistrictIncreased entertainer buff duration (+30 min) and tick (+3)
    Improved Job Market15% bonus payout for missions accepted from terminals.
    Manufacturing Center10% bonus to prototype assembly results, reduced chance of failures
    Research Center15% bonus to the final result roll during the experimentation phase of crafting
    Sample Rich20% bonus to sample sizes and a 10% bonus to extraction skill checks during resource collecting by handsampling.
    Outdoor EnhancementIncreases the number of Civic Structures and City Decorations that can be placed by 33%

    Buildable Planets

    • Corellia
    • Dantooine
    • Lok
    • Naboo
    • Rori
    • Talus
    • Tatooine