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  • Powerups (or PUPs for short) are consumable items that can add temporary stats to your equipment. There are two types of powerups in the game - combat and crafting.

    Powerups (Combat)​

    These powerups are attached to weapons only, increasing a single stat by a large amount. Each powerup has a limited number of uses (Max: 500) which decrease by 1 per attack; at 0 uses the powerup expires and has to be replaced. They also cause the affected weapon to decay at a much quicker rate.

    Powerups are crafted by the Master Artisan profession. If crafted with imperfect resources (except thrown weapon PUPs), they will incur a negative stat reduction in addition to the positive one.

    Ranged Weapon Powerup​

    Name+ (Max)-
    High Power BarrelDamage (35%)Attack Speed
    Tactical GripAttack Speed (35%)Accuracy
    Tactical ScopeAccuracy (75)Attack Speed
    Reinforced StockAction Cost (21%)Accuracy
    Tuning CouplerElemental Damage (35%)Damage
    Burst Focusing MuzzleWound (35%)Action Cost

    Melee Weapon Powerup​

    Name+ (Max)-
    Inertial Fluctuator KitDamage (35%)Attack Speed
    Tactical Grip KitAttack Speed (35%)Accuracy
    Weight Balancing KitAccuracy (75)Attack Speed
    Hilt Reinforcement KitAction Cost (21%)Accuracy
    Elemental Dispersal Tuning KitElemental Damage (35%)Damage
    Surface Serration KitWound (35%)Action Cost

    Thrown Weapon Powerup​

    Name+ (Max)
    Grenade Explosives KitDamage (35%)
    Grenade Wiring KitAttack Speed (35%)

    Powerups (Crafting)​