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Protecto-net Shield

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  • The Protecto-net Shield is a shield generator space component that is rewarded to players for completing Phase II of the Nym's Starmap questline. The quest is repeatable and the stats are different each time.

    This shield generator is unique, in that it will have the stats of a level 8 shield generator, but may be reverse engineered with level 7 shield generators.

    This allows the player to create a very competitive reverse engineered shield generator that has the:
    • Recharge rate of a level 8 shield generator
    • Front and back hitpoints of a level 8 shield generator
    • Mass of a level 7 shield generator
    As a result, this space component is one of the best to chase after for interceptor ships.

    Certifications and Reverse Engineering Level
    • Level 8 Ship Equipment Certification
    • Reverse Engineering Level 7