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Repair the Altar of Power

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Level: 90
    Repair the damaged altar in the wilds of Dathomir.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    Investigate the Altar​

    Investigate the Altar of Power to determine how you might repair it.
    • Travel to the waypoint provided by Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel
    • Upon arrival, you will see the Altar of Power - click on it and the quest updates

    Repair the Altar​

    Craft parts for the Altar of Power to replace the damaged parts. It's vital that the parts are crafted to meet expectations of the Witches.
    • You will be given a draft schematic for Altar of Power Repair Parts in your datapad
      • You will need to be near a private general crafting station to craft the parts
      • Resources needed:
        • 115 units of Steel
        • 30 units of Reactive Gas
        • 25 units of Aluminum
    • You will notice that final altar is back to four resource attributes:
      • Power
      • Trust
      • Friendship
      • Loyalty
    • Examine the Altar of Power to see a riddle that tells you what the values of Power, Trust, Friendship, and Loyalty should be for the repair parts
    The balance between power, trust, friendship and loyalty - Those who strive for power claim to follow the path of the strongest and cast aside all else to achieve their goal. Other dispute this claim, they hold that cost of the perusing power, is the sacrifice of all the things that make us truly powerful.

    This is asking the player to create the repair parts with the equal Trust, Friendship, and Loyalty values AND the Power value must be greater than or equal to any of the previous values multiplied by 2.

    An example that is eligible:
    • Power: 6
    • Trust: 2
    • Friendship: 2
    • Loyalty: 2
    Trust (2) = Friendship (2) = Loyalty (2) AND
    Power (6) > (Trust (2) x 2) AND
    Power (6) > (Friendship (2) x 2) AND
    Power (6) > (Loyalty (2) x 2)
    Therefore, the condition is met.
    • Once you've crafted the Altar of Power Repair Parts, head back to the Altar of Power
    • Click on the altar to repair it and the quest updates

    Return to the Nightsister/Singing Mountain Clan Sage​

    You have repaired the Altar, you should return to the Nightsister/Singing Mountain Clan Sage with the news.
    • Head back to the Nightsister/Singing Mountain Clan Stronghold, upon arrival speak with Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel
    Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel: Did you repair the altar?
    You: I did.
    Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel: You have done well young one. I will rest easier knowing that our ancestors' shrines will remain here to help the youth of the future learn a thing or two.
    You: I was happy to help.
    Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel: Well, it seems fitting that since you helped preserve our wisdom, maybe this trinket will help you learn a thing or two. I have had this since I was young but were never able to find a way to unlock it.

    This completes the quest and the crafter-related questline of the Witches of Dathomir Theme Park.

    Depending which faction you are supporting, a collection is started and completed, which rewards the player with a badge. You may obtain both of these collections/badges by doing the same quest for the other faction.