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Something is Obviously Wrong

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  • This is the quest series is the prologue to the Quarantine Zone Theme Park. There is very little combat and is primarily just traveling and dialogue.

    Find Bib Fortuna​

    Level: 1
    Description: Meet with Bib Fortuna in Mos Eisley.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    You will receive a comm-message from Jabba the Hutt.

    Jabba the Hutt: I saw you were on my short list of enemies. Before I turn your name over to Boba Fett, I thought I might give you another chance. Contact Bib Fortuna in Mos Eisley. Go now. If you do well, I may even pay you.

    Jabba the Hutt: I need an outside source to investigate a recent 'situation' in Mos Eisley. I heard you might be interested. If so, meet Bib Fortuna in Mos Eisley. If you assist you will be rewarded.

    Jabba the Hutt: I am in an immediate need of someone I can trust. Since you and I have a history, I think you will do fine. Travel to Mos Eisley immediately and find Bib Fortuna. He'll fill you in. As usual you will be rewarded.

    You will need to find and speak to Bib Fortuna. He is located right outside the starport in Mos Eisley.

    /way tatooine 3562 -4939 Bib Fortuna

    Bib Fortuna: A new face is important to keep discreet here, %TU. Jabba appreciates that you have answered the call.
    You: What is going on here?
    Bib Fortuna: A personal business associate of Jabba's has been murdered. Jabba is very interested in finding out who is responsible.
    You: And this is where I come in...
    Bib Fortuna: Correct. Start by identifying the body with the Mos Eisley Police. The dead female Aqualish is Bera Jeza, a lab assistant for some local lab. Claim that you are a close friend, then probe for information.
    You: Alright. I'll be back.
    Bib Fortuna: Do so quickly. I need to report back to Jabba within the next few minutes.

    After your conversation, the quest completes and you start on the next quest in the series.

    Gather Clues​

    Level: 1
    Description: Find clues that will assist in finding Bera Jeza's killer.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    Speak with Happer / Identify the Body / Gather Clues​

    Talk with Happer, a Mos Eisley Policeman who is located nearby with the body of an Unknown Lab Assistant (an Aqualish named Bera Jeza).

    Mos Eisley Policeman Happer: Sorry citizen, I have to attend to this murder scene.
    You: Is that Bera Jeza? Oh no!
    Mos Eisley Policeman Happer: You know the deceased? Perhaps you could shed some light on what could have happened.
    You: I don't know if I can help, but I am more than willing to assist the Mos Eisley Police if possible.
    Mos Eisley Policeman Happer: When did you last see, uh, Bera Jeza?
    You: It's been a while. Perhaps a week or so.
    Mos Eisley Policeman Happer: I see. Well, Ms. Jeza seems to have met her fate an hour or more ago. Probably an organized crime related death.
    You: What do you mean organized?
    Mos Eisley Policeman Happer: Your friend had a large sum of spice on her. If I was a betting man, I'd say she was involved in the manufacture.
    You: Don't you need a lab for that sort of thing?
    Mos Eisley Policeman Happer: Once we are done here I'll be interviewing her employer at the Mos Eisley Biolab. I have a feeling they are doing a little bit of moon lighting there.
    You: Is that the lab to the south?
    Mos Eisley Policeman Happer: I don't know exactly. You shouldn't worry about police matters. Now excuse me.

    After your conversation with Happer, the quest updates.

    Speak to Bib Fortuna​

    Report back to Bib Fortuna with this news.

    Bib Fortuna: Well?
    You: Well, I found out your lab assistant was involved in the Spice Manufacturing.
    Bib Fortuna: And do you have any new clues as to the identity of the killer? Witnesses? Anything new?
    You: Bera Jeza worked at a local biolab here in Mos Eisley.
    Bib Fortuna: Right. We know this already. Mos Eisley Biolab. Did the police have nothing else?
    You: No. I figured I would start by visiting the employer.
    Bib Fortuna: Very well. Check back with us as soon are you find more details. Keep a keen eye out for any information regarding a new drug. Bera Jeza was in the middle of selling us some sort of super soldier drug and Jabba is very interested in getting his hands on the chemical makeup. Do not fail us, [Player's name].

    After your conversation, the quest completes and you start on the next quest in the series.

    Bera Jeza's Employer​

    Level: 1
    Description: Find Bera Jeza's employer and see if you can find any additional clues.
    Recommended combat level: 1


    Make your way towards the biolab where Bera Jeza worked to create a new super soldier drug that Jabba was interested in.

    /way tatooine 3335 -4990 Biolab

    When you arrive, the quest updates.

    Search for Clues​

    Inside the lab, radial the Dead Biologist on the ground and click on Search Body. This will play a comm-message.

    Derg Prantis: Comm-message - This is Derg Prantis and it may very well may be my last recording. I've barricaded myself in the biolab hoping to buy some time while I contact the authorities but someone is jamming my comm-signal. If you get this data disk, Bera, please take it to Cale Herron at Mos Taike. Oh no...please! I am unarmed...

    After the comm-message, the quest completes and you start on the next quest in the series.

    Find Cale Herron​

    Level: 1
    Description: Give the data disk to Herron and see if you can get any details.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    Find Cale Herron​

    Head to Mos Taike and talk to Cale Herron (a Slicer).

    /way tatooine 3838 2218 Cale Herron

    Cale Herron: Sorry, not interested. Please leave.
    You: I have a data disk from Derg Prantis.
    Cale Herron: Derg? You mean the biologist. That's interesting. I was just thinking about him after reading the HoloNet. What is Derg up to these days?
    You: Well sir, he is dead. I suspect foul play and I am looking for information.
    Cale Herron: Wait...did you say Derg is dead? Are you sure?
    You: I found this data disk on his body. It has a message.
    Cale Herron: Let me see the message.
    You: Alright
    Derg Prantis: This is Derg Prantis and it may very well may be my last recording. I've barricaded myself in the biolab hoping to buy some time while I contact the authorities but someone is jamming my comm-signal. If you get this data disk, Bera, please take it to Cale Herron at Mos Taike. Oh no...please! I am unarmed...
    You: Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.
    Cale Herron: You don't know the half of it. This isn't the only biologist that has met with an unfortunate end. I just read some HoloNet news about a few high profile scientists that have turned up 'missing'.
    You: So, what are you saying?
    Cale Herron: Either there is a psychopath that really hates biologists, or something more sinister going on.
    You: Well maybe the data disk Derg wanted me to bring you will help figure this all out.
    Cale Herron: Right...right. Uh...I don't know if I should be getting involved. What if I am targeted for assassination or something?

    You: I think Derg asked this disk go to you because he knew you'd do the right thing.
    Cale Herron: The right thing? Ha. I really doubt that. I'm a slicer, friend. We specialize in doing the wrong thing. Pffft....give me the disk. Give me a moment to examine it and we'll talk.

    After your conversation with Cale, you will get a comm-message from Bib Fortuna.

    Bib Fortuna: Comm-message - What is your progress? We heard the Mos Eisley Laboratory had been ransacked and a biologist was killed. Why did you not check in? Jabba wants results! Do not fail us again.

    After the comm-message from Biba Fortuna, talk to Cale again.

    Cale Herron: It looks like Derg encrypted a lengthy message on this data disk. So far I have found what looks like important coordinates to a secret laboratory on Lok. Apparently he was working on some sort of illicit project. Feel like going on a trip to Lok?
    You: I'm not interested. I've got my own problems.
    Cale Herron: Wait a second! Weren't you the person that mentioned something about doing the 'right thing?' Don't think that if I am captured with this apparently important data disk that I won't say you helped. Wait, what was your name again?
    You: I need to find the killer, not a lab on Lok.
    Cale Herron: Why are you so interested in the killer?
    You: The killer murdered someone important to Jabba the Hutt. Derg's lab assistant.
    Cale Herron: Jabba? Oh I see. So your doing some bounty hunting for Jabba, except now things are a little more complicated.
    You: Yes. Complicated is a good description.
    Cale Herron: Why is Jabba so interested in a lab assistant?
    You: Some super soldier drug was involved.
    Cale Herron: Ah! Perhaps the biologist had created a new drug and someone more slimey than Jabba got it first.
    You: Seems sloppy to leave behind the data disk.
    Cale Herron: Well, Mos Eisley isn't home to some of the sharpest tools in the shed, but I have to agree that not everything makes sense.
    You: Which brings me back to my problem with Jabba.
    Cale Herron: If I agree to help you with your situation, will you help me look into this ordeal?
    You: How can you help with Jabba?
    Cale Herron: What if I told you that Jabba and Lady Valarian are enemies and framing Lady Valarian would be easier for Jabba to accept than the truth?
    You: Go on.
    Cale Herron: Derg's lab was in Mos Eisley. Guess where Lady Valarian's Lucky Despot is located?
    You: Mos Eisley. Wait...this seems wrong.
    Cale Herron: It is probably true, right? And it beats waiting for Jabba to send someone after you for failing to deliver.
    You: Uh...I'm listening.
    Cale Herron: Call Jabba or whoever from the Lucky Despot and tell them you've tracked the killer there. They'll connect the dots. Then walk away and come back here so we can find out what is really going on. That is all you have to do.

    After your 2nd conversation with Cale, the quest completes and you start on the next quest in the series.

    The Valarians?​

    Level: 5
    Description: Blame the whole thing on Lady Valarian.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    Lucky Despot​

    Head to the Lucky Despot in Mos Eisley. You will get a comm-message from Bib fortuna.

    Bib Fortuna: Comm-message - So you have tracked the killer back to the Lucky Despot? This must be the dirty work of the Valarians! Send a message to Lady Valarian from Jabba. Kill the assassin in the Lucky Despot.

    After the comm-message, the quest will update.

    Uh-Oh. What Now?​

    Speak with Lady Valarian.

    Lady Valarian: Who thinks they can speak to Lady Valarian?
    You: I have come to collect reparations for the death of Jabba's...uh laboratory assistant, Bera Jeza.
    Lady Valarian: Bera what? Never heard of her.
    You: How did you know it was a 'her?'
    Lady Valarian: Look lacky. I don't have to explain anything to you. I had nothing to do with her death. I'm not interested in escalating anything with Jabba at the moment.
    You: I didn't come here to argue, just collect. 3,000 credits should be enough compensation for the loss of the laboratory assistant.
    Lady Valarian: Insolence! Titus! Handle this fool.

    Titus Sypknee (a Valarian Assassin) will enter the room and attack you.
    • They will be an Elite NPC with the same CL as your character
    If you kill the assassin or are killed by the assassin the quest completes and you start on the next quest in the series.

    Jabba Communication​

    Level: 5
    Description: Jabba will take care of the assassin. / You have defeated the assassin.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    If you kill Titus Sypknee, talk to Lady Valarian again and milk her for 3000 credits. You then receive a comm-message from Jabba and a word from Cale who wants you back in Mos Taike.

    Jabba the Hutt: Comm-message - Hahahahaha....I knew it wasn't a mistake sending you. You may be future competition for my best bounty hunter.

    If Titus Sypknee kills you, Jabba calls Boba Fett to do the job properly

    Jabba the Hutt: Comm-message - Hahahahaha....don't worry. I'll send someone more capable of doing the job. Hohohoho...
    Boba Fett: Comm-message - I think it is about time someone competent took over.

    The quest completes and you start on the next quest in the series.

    The Plan​

    Level: 1
    Description: Conspire with Cale on what to do next.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    You will receive a comm-message from Cale Herron.

    Cale Herron: Comm-message - Meet me at my place in Mos Taike. I have more information.

    Return to Cale Herron​

    Return to Mos Taike and speak with Cale Herron.

    Cale Herron: You're back! I heard about the Lucky Despot.
    You: You mean your great idea that cost me a trip to the cloning facility?
    Cale Herron: Don't worry about that. We have our own problems.
    You: You mean your problem. I'm getting out of this while I'm ahead.
    Cale Herron: Wait! You can't. I can't do this alone. The HoloNet has reported the disappearance of yet another biologist. We need to stop this.
    You: Or die trying? No thanks.
    Cale Herron: There's probably a lot of credits involved.
    You: How many credits?
    Cale Herron: 2,000?
    You: What? Don't insult me.
    Cale Herron: Okay 5,000 credits. That is my entire savings. A small price to pay for your help.
    You: Deal.
    Cale Herron: Great. Meet me on Lok. I happen to have a place not too far from this secret laboratory. Should be great for a staging area.

    After your conversation, your quest will update.

    Meet Cale on Lok​

    Next, head to Cale's Outpost on Lok and speak with him there.

    /way lok -2040 5960 Cale's Outpost

    Cale Herron: I've fully decrypted the data on Derg's disk. Looks like Derg built a remote laboratory here on Lok and was about to conduct some research.
    You: What type of research?
    Cale Herron: Some sort of super soldier experiments.
    You: Oh wow. Bib Fortuna had mentioned this.
    Cale Herron: Apparently that lab assistant, Bera Jeza, had loose lips and tried to sell the drug, or whatever it is, to Jabba and possibly other sources.
    You: I see.
    Cale Herron: There is a twist. Apparently there is another un-named scientist that provided the super soldier drug to Derg. Derg didn't create this thing.
    You: So, why did Derg contact you?
    Cale Herron: Derg didn't know who to trust so he thought of me. We go back a few years. He wanted me to get to the laboratory and evacuate his staff and destroy evidence before assassin teams arrived.
    You: Assassin teams?
    Cale Herron: Relax, I've done a scan of the area. There isn't anything larger than a Womp Rat alive. I'm pretty sure that everyone has been evacuated, but you are going to make sure.
    You: Me? Why not both of us?
    Cale Herron: I have all the equipment here to monitor the location remotely. If someone comes within 1000 meters I'll be the early warning system.
    You: If the place is evacuated, why go?
    Cale Herron: I'd like to get my hands on any clues left behind. We'll split everything 50/50. Sound good?
    You: I guess...
    Cale Herron: Alright, see you soon.

    After your conversation, your quest will update.

    Find the Laboratory​

    You will need to travel to Derg's laboratory.

    /way lok -400 7600 Derg's Laboratory.

    When you arrive to the laboratory, the quest completes and you start on the next quest in the series.

    Find Clues​

    Level: 5
    Description: Travel to Lok and help Cale investigate the secret laboratory.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    Find Clues​

    When you enter the laboratory, locate the dead biologist and pick up a Science Datapad.

    You will get a comm-message from Cale Herron.

    Cale Herron: Comm-message - Hmm....that looks interesting. I bet that is what your pal, Bib Fortuna, was looking for. Bring it back to me for an examination.

    After the comm-message, the quest updates.

    The Science Datapad​

    Return to Cale on Lok and report your findings.

    Cale Herron: Wow this science datapad will be a challenge to decipher. Too bad I don't know any living biologists to help me out.
    You: I'm fine, thanks for asking.
    Cale Herron: Of course you are fine, you're the hero. I'm just the guy that gets to spend the next several months of his life figuring out what a....'genome' or a 'compound bond' is. You have it easy, trust me.
    You: So what's next then?
    Cale Herron: We have a new lead.
    You: Let me guess. I have to infiltrate the Nightsister Stronghold and return with the clan mother's mustache.
    Cale Herron: Uh, no. But you have the planet correct. While I was slicing the satellites around Lok I intercepted a lot of communication traffic from Dathomir. One of communications came from a 'missing' biologist. On top of that, the area where the communications are coming from seems to have built its own starport and facilities so I am curious what is going on.
    You: So go to Dathomir?
    Cale Herron: Correct. Go to the coordinates I have and report what you see.

    After your conversation with Cale, the quest completes and you start on the next quest in the series.

    Investigate Dathomir​

    Level: 5
    Description: Investigate a new Starport and recent building on the planet Dathomir.
    Recommended combat level: 1

    Go To Dathomir​

    Make your way to the Quarantine Zone Starport on Dathomir. When you land, the quest updates.

    Look for Clues​

    Speak with Tyla Gallamby.

    Tyla Gallamby: Please just get me out of here.
    You: The next flight is here, just get a ticket.
    Tyla Gallamby: I can't! Imperial High Command has summoned me to the Executor for yet another debriefing. I told them all I know. The virus somehow escaped. It was probably an accident.
    You: The virus?
    Tyla Gallamby: Everyone was dying! I ran away on foot before they turned into...whatever. Whatever it was going to be, it wasn't going to be a super soldier...more like a horror soldier.

    After your conversation with Tyla, you get a comm-message from Cale and the quest updates.

    Cale Herron: Comm-message - An Imperial Quarantine Zone due to virus outbreak? Uh, am I the only one finding a frightening correlation here? Meet me back at my home at Mos Taike.

    Meet Cale on Tatooine​

    Report back to Cale in Mos Taike.

    Cale Herron: Look. I don't know about you, but I'm done 'doing the right thing' for now.
    You: Why?
    Cale Herron: I sent you to Dathomir because I knew the missing biologists were probably there. Turns out they had been secretly employed by the Empire to experiment with this super soldier virus. Now there has been an accident and it sounds like people are dying. Why would you want to have anything more to do with this?
    You: You're right. I've had enough with the planet hopping.
    Cale Herron: I'm glad you agree, [Player's name]. I've taken the liberty to notify the Alliance. Yes, I know you have dealings with them. Don't worry; your secret is safe with me. Maybe the Alliance can help, maybe not, I don't care. What scares me is that I...we, are somewhat connected to this fiasco. Keep eyes in the back of your head, [Player's name]. I'm not ready to die for something silly like this.
    You: I guess you can keep those credits you promised. I don't want them.

    This completes the quest and the prologue to the Quarantine Zone Theme Park.

    You will then get a comm-message from Darth Vader, Han Solo, or Guri depending on your faction.

    Darth Vader: Comm-message - I have an important proposition for you. Meet Captain Piett on Dathomir immediately.

    Han Solo: Comm-message - I have an important proposition for you. Can you meet me on Dathomir as soon as possible?

    Guri: Comm-message - I have an important proposition for you. Meet me on Dathomir.