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  • There are 10 playable species available on Restoration, with more to come in Publish 1.1.

    Species Comparison​

    All greyed out Skill Mods are either not working or irrelevant. Combat related Skill Mods such as accuracy or defense, although working, are insignificant when compared to the values that a typical character has when fully geared and buffed. Special species abilities may be useful in certain situations but have short durations and long cooldowns.

    SpeciesSkill ModsAbilitiesArmour/ClothingOther
    BothanCamouflage +15
    Cover +15
    HumanArtisan Experimentation +15 (***Important)
    Leadership +10
    IthorianCreature Taming Bonus +10
    Defense Vs. Dizzy +10
    Defense Vs. Stun +10
    Melee Defense +10
    Advanced Assembly +10
    Chassis Assembly +10
    Power Systems +10
    Shields Assembly +10
    -Ithorian Armour & Clothing-
    Mon CalamariAlertness +15
    Weapon Assembly +10
    Structure Assembly +10
    RodianDefense Vs. Blind +15
    One-handed Weapon Accuracy +10
    Two-handed Melee Accuracy +10
    Weapon Assembly +10
    SullustanCreature Harvesting +10
    Trapping +10
    Booster Assembly +10
    Engine Assembly +10
    Weapon Systems +10
    TrandoshanCreature Harvesting +10
    Melee Defense +10
    Unarmed Accuracy +10
    Unarmed Speed +5
    Unarmed Damage +15
    RegenerationBoots and gloves are wearable but will be invisible-
    Twi'LekDancing Enhancement +15
    Musical Enhancement +5
    -Access to Twi'Lek exclusive headwearAble to speak Lekku which can only be understood by other Twi'Leks and Smugglers
    WookieeCreature Taming Bonus +10
    Rescue +10
    Trapping +10
    Warcry +10
    Wookiee RoarWookiee Armour & ClothingOnly species that are able to craft and wield Bowcasters
    ZabrakAnti-Shock +5
    Defense Vs. Dizzy +10
    Defense Vs. Intimidate +10
    Defense Vs. Stun +10

    Further Information​

    Human Artisan Experimentation Bonus​

    This bonus is the only species bonus that has a potentially significant impact to gameplay, specifically with regards to Crafting. An Artisan Experimentation +15 bonus gives Human crafters an extra Experimentation point to work with, giving them a small but noticeable advantage when Crafting Artisan schematics that have three or more Experimentation lines. Aspiring crafters (especially Chefs) will want to consider this choice carefully.

    Examples of such schematics include
    • All Food and Drink in the Domestic Arts line of Artisan
    • Enzyme Extractors (Master Artisan)

    Ithorian Armour & Clothing​

    Ithorians may only wear Ithorian, Factional, Deathtrooper and Katarn Armour. Ithorian armour has the maximum 9 slots but low condition. Factional and Deathtrooper Armour will allow for access to higher condition armour. All armour except Ithorian armour will appear as invisible on your character.

    Ithorians may only wear Ithorian specific clothing, with the exception of Belts. Ithorians are unable to wear Shoes except for Boots from the aformentioned armour sets, and Sturdy Boots.

    Wookiee Armour & Clothing​

    Wookiees may only wear Wookiee, Factional, Deathtrooper and Katarn Armour. Wookiee armour has only 7 slots due to missing Shoes and the Head and Chest being combined into one piece. It has low condition as well. Factional and Deathtrooper Armour (Battle only) will allow for access to the maximum 9 slots and higher condition armour. Wookiee players who wish to remain Neutral will want to take this into account. All armour except Wookiee armour will appear as invisible on your character.

    Wookiees may only wear Wookiee specific clothing (Wookiee Garb), with the exception of Belts. Wookiees are unable to wear Shoes except for Boots from the aformentioned armour sets.