The Emperor and the Queen, Part III | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

The Emperor and the Queen, Part III

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  • This quest is part of the Imperial Theme Park questline.

    Level: 90
    Aid the Emperor in his plan to manipulate the Queen of Naboo into revealing the location of a Rebel General she is believed to be hiding.

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Imperial Innocence​

    It is now time to offer proof of the Empire innocence and to place the blame with the Rebels. Travel to the mercenary base and exterminate them.
    • You are given a waypoint to a mercenary bunker located on the northeast side of Endor and are given given two tasks to complete:
      • Retrieve the Rebel Datadisk
      • Kill the Mercenary Leader
    • The bunker is full of CL85 Jantsk mercenaries

    Retrieve the Rebel Datadisk​

    Retrieve the datadisk from the mercenary leader. They will be presented to the Queen as a team of undercover Rebel operatives with the datadisk as proof.
    • The data disk is on the lower level, so you will need to take the elevator down. Once you find it, all you need to do is click it and this task is complete
    /way endor 3461 289 7419 Elevator to Lower Level;
    /way endor 3581 251 7452 Datadisk;

    Kill the Mercenary Leader​

    Kill the mercenary leader, Vurrha Jantsk.
    • Vurrha Jantsk is also located on the lower level, so you will need to take the elevator down. Once you find him, you will need to kill him to complete this task
      • He is a CL85 elite and is guarded by two CL85 Jantsk mercenaries
    /way endor 3461 289 7419 Elevator to Lower Level;
    /way endor 3612 251 7412 Vurrha Jantsk;

    Once both of the tasks are complete, your quest will update.

    Deliver the Disk to the Queen​

    Deliver the datadisk to the Queen to show that a team of undercover Rebel operatives are acting against her. The datadisk is proof. Ask her to reveal the location of the Rebel General as a sign of good faith.
    • Return to Queen Kylantha within the Theed Palace on Naboo and speak with her to update the quest
    /way naboo -5495 4468 Entryway of Theed Palace;
    /way naboo -5532 4778 Queen Kylantha;

    Queen Kylantha: I am shocked that the Rebel Alliance would stoop so low as to make a personal attack on myself, the Queen of Naboo. You may tell the Emperor that I apologize for my misgivings, and that he has my full support.

    Eliminate the Rebel General​

    Now that the Queen has turned against the Rebels, find and eliminate the Rebel General she had been hiding, General Jacen Nire.
    • You will be given a waypoint to the General's hiding place, not far from Dee'ja Peak. Head to his hiding place and eliminate the General
      • The hiding place is full of CL85 Rebel Troopers
      • General Jacen Nire is CL85
    Once you kill him, the quest updates.

    Report to Emperor Palpatine​

    Return to Emperor Palpatine at his retreat on Naboo.
    • Head back to the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo and speak to The Emperor

    The Emperor: Queen Kylantha is now completely devoted to me, which is as it should be. You may go. Perhaps Lord Vader can make use of you.

    This completes the quest. Make your way to Darth Vader to get the next quest. He is located on the main level of the building.

    /way naboo 2387 292 -3888 Darth Vader;

    Darth Vader: I have contracted the services of a special agent to watch for Rebel activity connected to recent events on Tatooine and Yavin IV. That agent has informed him of a Rebel courier that was destined for Naboo.
    You: Yes, Lord Vader.
    Darth Vader: You will find that courier, retrieve whatever he carries, and destroy him.