The Final Symphony | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

The Final Symphony

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  • This quest is part of Agent Ember's questline from the Ace of Aces space content.

    Level: 1
    Defend Nova Orion Station from the final symphony

    Recommended combat level: 1

    Defend the Nova Orion Station!​

    Stop the attacks on Nova Orion!
    • Launch from the Nova Orion station
    • A short time later, you will be given a waypoint to a convoy of:
      • 2 Corellian Corvettes
      • 1 Tier 8 Decimator
      • 3 Tier 8 Droid Fighters
    • Your goal here is to:
      • Destroy both Corellian Corvettes before they reach Nova Orion Station
      • Destroy all Droid Fighters and the Decimator
    If one of the Corellian Corvettes makes it to the Nova Orion Station, you will fail the quest!

    Tip: Ignore the escort and disable the Corellian Corvettes as soon as possible
    • Destroy Weapon 5
    • Destroy Shield and Secondary Shield
    • Destroy Engine
    • Repeat on the other Corellian Corvette
    • Once both Corellian Corvettes have their engines destroyed, concentrate on the escort
    • After the escort has been taken care of, destroy the Corellian Corvettes
    Once both Corellian Corvettes and the escort are destroyed, your quest will update

    Return to the Separatist Engineer​

    Return to the Separatist Engineer
    • Return to the Nova Orion Industries employee on the Nova Orion station
    • Once you arrive, speak with the Nova Orion Industries employee
    a Nova Orion Industries employee: How... How could you... My revenge...
    You: The Separatists were always destined to lose.
    a Nova Orion Industries employee: All we wanted... Was Independence...

    After the conversation with the Nova Orion Industries employee, the quest updates.

    Return to Agent Ember​

    Return to Agent Ember on Corellia
    • Return to Agent Ember in the Idiot's Array lounge
    • Once you arrive, speak with Agent Ember
    Agent Ember: I knew I could count on you.
    You: Only did what I could.
    Agent Ember: Thanks, Ace. Saved Nova Orion and the surrounding systems from those crazy Separatist holdouts. You're a hero.

    This completes the quest. Speak with Myrna the Space Queen to claim your rewards
    /way corellia 6923 -5606 Myrna the Space Queen;.

    Myrna the Space Queen: Word's getting around you saved Nova Orion Station.
    You: Is that so?
    Myrna the Space Queen: It is so. Took down that rogue Separatist cell all by yourself. All these people whispering about you. Good on you, Ace.

    You will be given: