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The Whole Truth, Part II

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Previous Quest: << The Whole Truth

    Level: 90
    Get to the bottom of all these rancor mutations.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Find the Origin of the Mutated Rancor​

    Go to the location Mistress of the Rancor Fath H'ray/Izaryx and Spell Weaver Leandra/Arch Witch Azzenaj have pinpointed.
    • Travel to the waypoint provided by Fath H'ray/Izaryx
    • After you've arrived to the waypoint, the quest will update

    Find the Cause of the Rancor Mutations​

    Explore the Cave of Mutations until you locate the likely cause for the increase in mutant rancor appearances.
    • You will be brought to a cave that is full of a variety of rancors
      • Make your way down the cave until you reach a caged Corrupted Rancor Mutation with Kyrisa nearby
    • Speak with Kyrisa
    /way dathomir 1734 -37 2164 Kyrisa;

    Kyrisa: Go away fool Outworlder, I have too much work to do. My experiments are at a critical stage.
    You: Your experiments? Are you somehow making these mutations?
    Kyrisa: Astute observation, perhaps you are not as stupid as you look. Yes, I have encouraged growth of these great beasts; enhanced their strength and their ferocity; made them better than they were before.
    You: But in the process you haver reduced their intellect; now they're just mean animals.
    Kyrisa: Bah, they are now and always have been mere brutes! They just need to be broken and made to obey.
    You: What about the one in the cage behind you?
    Kyrisa: I have corrupted his biochemistry still further with an interesting viral agent I happened upon recently. He has resisted my efforts to break him but it is always only a matter of time.
    You: But...
    Kyrisa: Enough! Begone now before I allow him his first taste of Outworlder blood!

    The quest updates.

    Return to Fath H'ray/Izaryx

    Report back to Mistress of the Rancor Fath H'ray/Izaryx on the cause of the rancor mutations.
    • Make your way back to Fath H'ray/Izaryx at the Nightsister Stronghold/Singing Mountain
    • When you arrive, speak with Fath H'ray/Izaryx
    Fath H'ray/Izaryx: Kyrisa is responsible for these mutations and now she has created a still more dangerous version of the mutant rancor?! Does her hubris know no bounds!?
    You: It would appear not.

    This completes the quest. Continue your conversation to move onto the next quest.

    Depending which faction you are supporting, a collection is started and completed, which rewards the player with a badge. You may obtain both of these collections/badges by doing the same quest for the other faction.
    Fath H'ray/Izaryx: Kyrisa is meddling in things she cannot possibly understand.
    You: The corrupted mutation is caged; it's as much a danger to her as to anyone else.
    Fath H'ray/Izaryx: This is true. I am sure she will see the danger to herself and put that foul abomination down rather than risk her own life. She always was a coward at heart.
    You: That corrupted mutant should be put down.
    Fath H'ray/Izaryx: Agreed, that is a foulness that cannot be allowed to breed! A creature such as that is sure to be more dangerous than any of the Rancor you have yet faced. If you have a group of Outworlders to assist you, however, you may be able to bring that thing a merciful death.

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