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Thwarting the Rebels

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  • This quest is part of the Imperial Theme Park questline.

    Level: 87
    The information retrieved from Inquisitor Redge's courier detailed Rebel operations. They are planning an assault on an Imperial base. You will stop them.

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Stop the Rebel Attack​

    The Rebels are planning to attack an Imperial base on Talus. Stop them.
    • You are given two tasks to complete at the Imperial base:
      • Defeat the Rebel Attackers
      • Defeat the Rebel Commando
    • Make your way to the Imperial Outpost on Talus. Just outside of the outpost, there will be a group of Rebel troopers. A waypoint is provided by Lord Hethrir

    Defeat the Rebel Attackers​

    Defeat the Rebel attackers assaulting the Imperial base on Talus.
    • Defeat fourteen Rebel troopers that are located just outside the Imperial Outpost
      • They are CL83

    Defeat the Rebel Commando​

    Defeat the Rebel commando leading this attack.
    • Defeat Commando Horchoba Tuain who is at the center of the attack group
      • He is CL84
    Once both of these tasks are complete, you will get a comm-message from Lord Hethrir and the quest updates.

    Lord Hethrir: Comm-message - A Selonian advocate from the Corellian Tribunal has been spying for the Rebels and aiding them with acts of terrorism throughout the Corellia System. She must be eliminated, and the Rebels must be blamed. See to it.

    Obtain a Rebel Helmet​

    Inquisitor Redge also discovered that a Selonian advocate from the Corellian Tribunal is acting as a spy and terrorist for the Rebel Alliance. You are to eliminate her and help plant evidence blaming the Rebels. First obtain a Rebel helmet from one of the Rebel camps near Nashal.
    • Head to the Rebel camps located outside of Nashal, Talus and kill Rebel sentries until they drop a Rebel helmet
    • Once the Rebel helmet is dropped, the quest updates
    /way talus 4756 5363 Rebel camp #1;
    /way talus 4785 5433 Rebel camp #2;
    /way talus 4706 5426 Rebel camp #3;
    /way talus 4658 5519 Rebel camp #4;
    /way talus 4738 5558 Rebel camp #5;

    Eliminate the Selonian Advocate​

    Eliminate the Selonian advocate known to be aiding the Rebels. She is in Nashal.
    • You can locate the Selonian Advocate behind the starport in Nashal, Talus. Kill her and the quest updates
      • She is CL84
    /way talus 4569 5454 Selonian advocate;

    Imperial Operative​

    An Imperial operative nearby will take care of the rest. Bring him the Rebel helmet. He awaits you in Nashal.
    • Make your way towards the Imperial operative, also located in Nashal. Speak to him and the quest updates.
    an Imperial operative: Is the Selonian handled? Good. Give me the helmet, and I'll see to the rest. I would leave the area if I was you.

    Return to Lord Hethrir​

    Return to Lord Hethrir at the Emperor's Retreat.
    • Head back to the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo and speak to Lord Hethrir.

    Lord Hethrir: Your actions are true to the Empire. I have mentioned you to others, and Captain Thrawn has requested your services. I consented. See to him.

    This completes the quest. Make your way to Captain Thrawn to get the next quest. He is located outside on the balcony area.

    /way naboo 2383 -3924 Door to the outside balcony;
    /way naboo 2369 -3922 Captain Thrawn;

    Captain Thrawn: I've learned of a manufacturing shop where Rebel starships are being repaired. This is a golden opportunity.
    You: What do you need me to do?
    Captain Thrawn: If we can find out where the ships are being delivered, we can tag them and track the starships to bigger Rebel bases or even to some of their larger ships.

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