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Toil and Trouble

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Toil and Trouble is a repeatable quest given by Rubina. You need to complete this quest 5 times for the collection.

    Level: 85
    Gather herbs from the wilds of Dathomir.

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Gather Herbs​

    Complete your task by gathering herbs from the wilds of Dathomir.
    • You must find three of each plant to complete the quest. These plants are commonly found around POIs, Outcasts, and Rubina herself
      • Gather Rinor Leaves - Find the plant with blade-like leaves and harvest the leaves
      • Gather Redweed Leaves - Find the fern with a distinctive red coloration and gather the leaves
      • Gather Greybush Leaves - Find the ground-hugging bush and gather the leaves
      • Gather Ongmuel Plant Leaves - Find the plant with leaves that resemble dangling spiders and harvest the leaves
      • Gather Lesset Plant Leaves - Find the broad-leafed red-veined plant and gather the leaves
    • Once you have gathered 3 of each plant, Rubina contacts you again and the quest updates
    Rubina - Comm message: You have gathered a sufficient number of herbs. Bring them back and place them in storage.

    Store the Herbs​

    Store the herbs at the waypoint provided.
    • Once you return to Rubina, you are given the choice to store the herbs in the Nightsister Storage Basket or the Singing Mountain Storage Basket
      • The choice reflects which faction you wish to support
    • After storing the herbs, talk to Rubina
      • This will activate the Singing Mountain Clan Herb Collection or the Nightsisters Herb Collection depending on which basket you chose
    Rubina: You have decided to give the Singing Mountain Clan/Nightsisters the herbs you gathered?

    Singing Mountain Clan - You: Yes, I hope they make the most of them.
    Nightsister - You: Yes, may they use them to grow even more powerful.

    Rubina: Indeed. My thanks for your efforts, Dearie.

    • 2000 credits
    • Prologue Seed Jar
    • Progress towards the Singing Mountain Clan Herb collection or the Nightsisters Herb collection

    Speak with Rubina again to receive another one of her quests.


    You can harvest more than 3 of each herb. If you do you get a small monetary reward and a comm-message.

    Rubina - Comm message: Thank you for gathering extra herbs. I have rewarded you with a few extra credits.