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Walkabout, Part II

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Level: 80
    Travel to scenic locations and take holograms that showcase the beauty of the planet.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Singing Mountain​

    Travel to the floating bridge that connects the mainland to the Singing Mountain.
    • Similar to the first quest, travel to the waypoint provided
    • Upon arrival, the unfamiliar woman will send you another comm message and the quest updates
    Mysterious Person - Comm message: Be careful my pet. The Witches of the Singing Mountain should not be underestimated; while their weapons might appear simple their spells make them formidable opponents. Though not as hostile as the Nightsisters, the Witches of the Singing Mountain won't show you any mercy if they see you as a threat.

    Lush Jungle​

    Scans shows that this area should contain thick jungle-lick vegetation.
    • Travel to the new waypoint provided
    • Once again, upon arrival, you will receive a comm message from the unfamiliar woman and a quest update
    Mysterious Person - Comm message: You should be careful here. This is the territory of the Spider Clan. The witches of this clan are well known for the giant spiders they breed for battle. As for how their spiders grow to such sizes? Some say it's the steady diet of off-worlders and naughty children the spiders are said to enjoy.

    Red Rock Outcrop​

    Take a picture of the Red Rock Outcrop in this area.
    • Travel to the new waypoint provided.
    • Once again, upon arrival, you will receive a comm message from the unfamiliar woman and a quest update to return to Omogg's Representative
    Mysterious Person - Comm message: Below is the stronghold of the Nightsisters. They are a clan of witches that has turned away from the teachings of Mother Allya. I have heard Outworlders describe them by saying that they have embraced the dark side of the force. They wage a never-ending war, both physical and spiritual, with the other Witch Clans. These witches are cruel, powerful and brutal.

    Return With The Holograms​

    Return to the Representative of Omogg and present him with the holograms you've taken.
    • Travel back to Omogg's Representative at Trade Outpost
    • Upon arrival, speak with Omogg's Representative
    Omogg's Representative: Welcome back.
    You: Here's the holograms I recorded.
    Omogg's Representative: Not bad. We might be able to use some of these.

    After the short conversation with Omogg's Representative, you will receive another comm message from the mysterious person and the quest updates.

    Mysterious Person - Comm message: Now that you've finished your little holo taking task, come see me. I think you might suit my purpose again.

    Meet the Mysterious Witch​

    Meet with the mysterious witch who has been contacting you during your travels across Dathomir.
    • Travel to the waypoint provided to finally see who this mysterious person is
    • Upon arrival, you will see Rubina. Speak with her
    Rubina: Ah! We finally meet in person, my pet!
    You: You said something about suiting your purpose?
    Rubina: Indeed I did, well remembered. When you feel that you are up to the challenge, speak with me again.

    This short conversation will conclude the quest. Rubina offers a number of quests to move onto. Speak with Rubina again to continue.

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