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Where in the World is Hugo Cargot

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  • This quest is part of the Celestial Discoveries questline for the Shipwright profession.

    Shepard W. Zuko: Fine! We can send a search party out for him.
    You: Doesn't seem like a lot to ask.
    Shepard W. Zuko: Excuse me! The pressures of being stuck in this mucky ancient temple are quite immense! If you feel so bad for Hugo, why don't you go and save him. The reconnaissance data says his crash trajectory was headed for Talus.

    Level: 1
    Where in the World is Hugo Cargot
    Recommended combat level: 1

    Find Hugo on Talus​

    The pirates said he was shot down over Talus. Find Hugo on Talus.
    • Make your way to Dearic, Talus
    • You can find Hugo Cargot at a campsite with a crashed Lambda Shuttle around 2,000m outside the city
      • Once you arrive, speak with them
    /way talus 2548 -4220 Hugo Cargot;

    Hugo Cargot: About darn time someone came to help me.
    You: I came as quick as I could. Are you OK?
    Hugo Cargot: Yeah I bailed out and made my way down here to... wait where am I?
    You: Talus.
    Hugo Cargot: Yeah, Talus. Those asteroid miners are relentless. I had 40k of asteroid in my pay load too! The new Celestial design works!
    You: What exactly were you working on again?
    Hugo Cargot: An absolutely massive asteroid Cargo Hold with a completely re-engineered design inspired by the Celestial temple relics. No more back and forth to unload all the time!

    This completes the quest. Speak with Hugo Cargot again to progress the questline.

    Hugo Cargot: Now where are all those parts and pieces...
    You: What's that?
    Hugo Cargot: Looks like I sustained a bit more damage on re-entry than I originally thought. There are several pieces of the new Cargo Hold missing.
    You: Let me guess. You need help finding them?
    Hugo Cargot: Would ya mind? Now the Advanced Axel couldn't have made its way too far. That would have been the last piece to fall off as it rotates the Cargo Hold from below. See if you can locate it for me.