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Open Artisan Allow Weaponsmiths to pick if a weapon is kinetic or energy dmg

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Apr 14, 2022
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My proposal is for weaponsmiths to have the option to determine if a weapon deals kinetic or energy as it's primary damage type.
Weaponsmiths can already determine the elemental damage type of weapons it would only seem right if they should be able to determine if the damage is kinetic or not.
For PvP, 99% of energy ranged weapons are simply not viable at all with the exception of flamethrowers and Legendary Mustafar weapons. If weaponsmiths could determine if a weapon did kinetic or energy damage when crafting, it would allow for any ranged weapon to be viable in PvP combat.
There are a bunch of badass guns in this game but only a handful of them are viable in PvP
May 28, 2021
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Based on past discussions of this issue, my preferential fix to the issue of only some weapons being viable would be to allow PSGs to be be built with kinetic protection and make them lose charge at a rate that actually would make it possible to discharge them (as other servers have done). But either, or both could be done without conflict.

I tend to like player choice wherever it is reasonable and right now one damage type is clearly ahead of the other. I think that should be solved.
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