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Developer Diary Approaching 1.0 Combat Emulation

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Note: Developer Diaries reflect the current line of thinking and design approach of the development team on future gameplay direction, but aren’t necessarily representative of final decisions on gameplay mechanics as your feedback in Discord and PlayerVoice helps to shape how we move forward.

The foundation of Restoration III has always been based in emulating the experience of the Combat Upgrade while also respecting that not everything as designed by SOE was an ideal approach to game design. Accordingly, while our 1.0 efforts have been centered upon emulation, we also recognize the necessity for changes beyond the Combat Upgrade to improve the player experience and balance mechanics beyond that which was possible during the short-lived phase when the Combat Upgrade was live.

We spent hours upon hours pouring over old combat videos, going over incomplete code, and relying on community testing to fine-tune our hypothesis. The result of these efforts led to accuracy and defense modifications from foods, buffs, and equipment, changing from a mostly pure damage stat modified attribute to instead heavily impact chance to hit or defend.

Consequently, while we know our current framework for accuracy and defense represents an emulation of the Combat Upgrade, and we have set the correct stats for buffing agents like foods, the math behind chance to hit itself felt confusing and lackluster. We also were uncomfortable with a wide range of foods and stats losing the full range and effect of their utility, as chance to hit was seemingly playing a smaller part in the combat experience than intended.

On this patch, we’ve listened to your feedback and changed the math behind the chance to hit to be much more impactful. You should now feel the effects of accuracy/defense on every hit or defend roll. As always, we will continue to listen to your thoughts through PlayerVoice, and our soon to be elected senate.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Development Team
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