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Community News Your 2022 Senate Nominees

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Thank you everyone who nominated a candidate to the senate. Voting will begin in mid-January!

To all candidates - good luck.


ARTISAN (Artisan, Architect, Armorsmith, Chef, Droid Engineer, Merchant, Shipwright, Tailor, Weaponsmith)

GCW (All things factions, e.g., GCW, bases, faction perk, planetary control game, etc.)

HYBRID (Bounty Hunter, Commando, Smuggler, Squad Leader)

MEDIC (Medic, Combat Medic, Doctor)

MELEE (Brawler, Fencer, Pikeman, Swordsman, Teras Kasi Artist)

OUTDOORS (Scout, Ranger, Bioengineer, Creature Handler)

PVP (A specific representative for PvP content and mechanics)

RANGED (Marksman, Carbineer, Pistoleer, Rifleman)

SOCIAL (Entertainer, Dancer, Musician, Image Designer, Chronicler)

SPACE (All JTL/Space Content and Ships, etc.)


Note: @AmanAman dropped out of the race following this posting.
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