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Patch Notes December Mid-Month Patch & Server Upgrade

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The server will be going offline this evening for extended maintenance beginning at 4 PM Eastern / 3 PM Central. The downtime will last for several hours into the evening.

During this maintenance, we will be transitioning the live environment to a new server. We've slowed down our feature-based patching and bug fixes over the last several weeks as we've been focused on making optimizations to the engine and configuration of the environment in preparation for this new server. When the new server comes online, you should see a noticeable improvement to response times and general performance, as well as much more tolerance for heavy area activity without producing lag or packet loss.

As with most sweeping environment and platform changes like this, we are likely to encounter some new bugs we couldn't anticipate or discover without live players on the server, so we appreciate your patience for any new glitches that arise and will resolve them promptly. We're excited for this major upgrade to our infrastructure and can't wait for you all to experience the improvements.

Edit: The new server is now online.

A client patch will be required when the server is back online so be sure to run your launcher.

In addition, the following hotfixes have been applied:

  • Hit and Miss chance have been modified. The weighting of accuracy and defense modifiers will be more noticeable when attempting to hit a target. You can read about our thoughts on why we made this change here.
  • Posture and movement will now affect your hit/miss chance.
  • The following bugs have been fixed:
    • Stun Defense now properly evaluates relevant skill modifiers.
    • Melee General now adds to your Critical Hit Chance.
    • Armor break slice will no longer cause the defender to take minimal damage.
    • Weapons will now inflict wounds at their intended rate.
Creature Handler
  • Increased pet accuracy and defense bonus from Resilience and Cunning.
Combat Medic
  • Cooldown timers should now work properly for Combat Medic.
  • The attack range has been for Combat Medic abilities is now 35m.
    • Additionally, some ability costs have been tuned for balanced play.
  • The gating restricting a player from starting the Nym's, Rebel, or Imperial Theme Parks before they reach a certain combat level has been removed. Any player can now start a Theme Park regardless of their combat level.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in the middle of empty space if they log out or crash while inside the Corellian Corvette instance.
  • The profession-specific terminals in the Third Character Slot questline now properly generate loot.
  • Looted weapons can now be sliced by a smuggler
    • Additionally, these weapons now have a chance to drop with a slot.
  • During the launch of the server, the extraction rate multiplier for harvesters was incorrectly set to 500% instead of 50%. We left this in place to help bolster the initial crafting market but this has now been corrected. We recognize this is a substantial decrease from current extraction rates, but did not intend for the extraction rates to ever be so astronomically high. The new value reflects a 50% increase in the extraction rate from the live game. Additional changes to the extraction rate may be evaluated by the Galactic Senate in the future and we expect to continue our intermittent server events that offer higher values than normal over a specific period of time (e.g. Double XP Weekends will be Double "Everything" Weekends and include harvester extraction rates).
Skill Mods
  • Reduced the diminishing returns on General States (Melee General, Ranged General, etc). Having a high amount of points in any General State should now feel much more impactful.
  • The Special Edition Lava Skill should now work correctly and the speed has been adjusted.
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