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Patch Notes Hotfix - June 14, 2022

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This Hot Fix addresses additional fixes from the June 13 Hotfix. This update requires a client patch so be sure to run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:
  • Macros and Unattended Gameplay

    • Fixed an issue where the macro dump timer would continue between character transitions. The macro dump timer will no longer follow you to a new character when you log out of one where the timer is running.
    • Fixed a bug that detected invalid macros when the macro commands were not terminated by a semicolon.
    • You can now press Ctrl + Shift + G to see your activity state and the timer of when your macros will be dumped. If a timer is not active, "Secounds until Macro Dump" will say "None."

    • If a macro is in your toolbar, you can now hover over the macro to see whether or not the system evaluates this macro as one that will trigger the macro dump timer. Below the macro name, it will display "Will Trigger Macro Timer:" with a yes or no answer.

    • Added additional commands to the permitted commands list based upon request:
      • /whisper
      • /targetAtCursor*
      • /targetAtCursorStop*
      • /targetGroup0*
      • /untarget*
      • /moveFurniture
      • /rotateFurniture
*Note: These commands have been permanently aliased to allow exceptions in the macro detection system. To use these commands, you must type them as written. Do not use /ui action <command>.
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