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Community News Launcher and Multi-Account Program Updates

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Note: Please refer to our Multiple Account Policies page for the latest information on our rules.

Greetings Galaxy,

This evening we released an update to the SWG Restoration Launcher which introduces our revised multi-account program. It works as follows:
  1. Every account must register the physical computer they are playing from, similar to common SaaS Licensing Models (e.g., Adobe Creative Cloud products). An unregistered computer cannot log in.
  2. An account can have a maximum of two computers registered at a time. For example, if you have a laptop and a desktop you play from, you can register both to your account.
  3. A computer can only be registered with one account at a time. The effect of this change means each account holder will need their own computer to play.
  4. If you have reached the maximum of two computers registered to the account and try to register a third, you will be forced to reset all registrations in order to add a new computer registration, but you can only reset your registered computers once every six months.
  5. A maximum of six accounts can be known to play from the same physical location based on the network IP address. The system will automatically deny access to additional accounts beyond six based on the order of registrations, allowing the oldest first.
The launcher will automatically prompt users signing in to register or reset their computers, as applicable.

With this policy and framework in effect, we are no longer accepting multiple account exemption requests and all previous requests are void. The automated process described above is how all players can play with more than one person in their household moving forward.

Our rules that prohibit account sharing and holding more than one account per person remain in effect and we will continue to audit for abnormal behaviors on accounts or characters and enforce our policies.

The result of this changeset also deprecates some existing compatibility with Linux and Macintosh platforms. We reiterate that we have and will only ever support the Windows Operating System.

While we designed the thresholds of limitations on computers and connections in our new policies to be flexible and based on an analysis of the existing multiple account exceptions, we recognize there will always be exceptional edge cases that don’t fit within the boundaries. In general, we will not offer exceptions to the requirements established in our policy. However, if you have an extraordinary circumstance and would like to request an exception, you can contact Community Support. Be mindful, however, that it is unlikely we will approve any exceptions.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Team
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